Izmit Bay Bridge World Pass Fee Champion

Izmit Bay Bridge World Pass Fee Champion: If car owners use the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge, they will pay 35 dollars + VAT.
With this fee, Izmit will be the most expensive among the suspension bridges in the world in terms of toll Bu
Works on the Izmit Bay Transition Bridge, which is being constructed within the scope of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, which will bring Istanbul-Izmir highway to 3.5 hours, continues at full speed. The bridge is expected to be opened in the second half of this year.
However, toll discussions were ahead of bridge construction. According to the contract, vehicles that will cross the bridge will pay 35 dollars + VAT (with current money 122 pounds) for a single pass. If it is opened with this fee, the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge will be the most expensive among the hanging bridges in the world.
However, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said, ığ When compared to the bridges and roads in different parts of the world, the İzmit Bay Bridge is the cheapest way to pay tolls. Ancak
When we look at the bridges with similar features as building technique, tolls vary from country to country. However, these tolls are much lower than those of Minister Yıldırım. There are even countries where there are no tolls. For example, there are no tolls from Yi Sun-Sin in South Korea and the Högakustenbron (High Coast) bridges in Sweden.
The only bridge that is close to the announced price of the Izmit Bay Bridge is in Denmark. The length of the bridge to the 35.1 for the daytime during the week and for the XBX to 43.5 at night, the length of the bridge of Great Belt Fixed Link is close to the 7 mileage. The bridge in Denmark is the third largest in the world with the widest opening length of the 1.624 meter. The total length of the Izmit Bay Bridge, which will be the fourth in the world with the widest range of 1.550 meters, is near the 2.7 kilometer. In view of the difference in the total length of these two bridges, Storebæltsforbindelsen deserves to be compared to highways, not bridges.

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  1. Patterned, the nation will again prefer to wander around the bay… Those who refrain from paying for toll roads and ferryboats travel around the gulf in Izmir, Yalova-Kocaelin. Here, too, the fate of the bridge seems to be like this, the situation is as if it was pre-programmed ... After all, we are the richest and abundant country in the world… !!!