İzmit Otogar-Sekapark Tram Line Will Open Today

İzmit Otogar-Sekapark Tram Line Will Be Opened Today: The construction of the tram project, which was started between Izmit Otogar-Sekapark, which is the prestigious project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues.
19 October 2015 is planned to be completed within 550 days. On the website of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, the countdown is continuing since the day of foundation. As of today, the meter will show the completion of the construction '365 days' ie one year. In other words, the tram must be put into service today next year. Considering that the work of the total line of 7.2 kilometers still continues at Yahya Kaptan, the work must be done in order to complete this work in the remaining time.

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