Izmir's tram projects bureaucrat grinder

Tramway projects of Izmir bureaucrat mill: After the tender was completed, tram projects, which have been revised for a total of 7 times due to errors in route selection, also led to bureaucrat changes in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.
The tram projects initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to relieve the urban transportation were criticized for criticism due to the insufficiencies in the route selection and for the changes made, therefore, this time, the bureaucrats started to talk about the succession of the bureaucrats. The municipality has been auctioned in 2014, 9,7 and 13 in February to implement tram projects of approximately 3 kilometers in Konak. Hasan Poyraz, Head of Commuter and Rail System Investments Department, was also the chairman of the tender commission. Poyraz, who played an important role in the realization of Üçyol-Üçkuyular, Bornova Metro and İZBAN lines, was dismissed after the tender XNUMX months later with the instructions of President Kocaoğlu. Unal Dağlı, the branch manager, was replaced by the Department of Science Affairs. In the meantime, the publicity of the century-old palm trees identified with the district, located on the route of the Karşıyaka Tramway, caused a public reaction. Social networking site organized over a large number of trees in Izmir to carry the campaign launched.
Upon the escalation of the Palm crisis, Mayor Kocaoglu asked for information from the Rail System Department. The Directorate of Suburban and Rail System Investments prepared the information requested by Kocaoğlu in the file and submitted it to the deputy secretary general. But the information has reached late Kocaoğlu'nun. Frustrated by this, Kocaoğlu, decided to hold a coordination meeting with the deputy secretary general. However, Raif Canbek, Assistant Secretary General for Metro and Rail System Projects, was unable to attend the meeting because of his wife's illness. Head of Rail System Department Unal Dağlı attended the meeting instead of Canbek. Kocaoglu, palm trees on the carriage of the palm trees and change the route to the hands of the information he wanted to react late with hard expressions.
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Dagoglu, taken from the harsh reaction of Kocaoglu, left the yearly leave and then resigned from the Mayor of May 2015. Dağlı, took office as an engineer in the same presidency. The unexpected resignation of Dağlı caused a shock. Hasan Poyraz was reinstated in his place. However, in the process of the tender and delivery of the ground in Karsiyaka Tramway, 3, Konak Tramway project in the 4 once the revision of the professional chambers of the reaction caused the Poyraz'un second term department of the chairmanship ended in February 2016. Kocaoglu Poyraz once again dismissed the Department of Infrastructure Maintenance Repair Office Director of Science Affairs Mehmet Ergenekon'u brought. The task changes in the bureaucrats responsible for tram projects were not limited to the heads of departments. First, the heads of the department and then the deputy head of the rail system depended on the deputy general secretary has changed. Raif Canbek, Deputy Secretary General in charge of Rail System investments, handed over his duty to Buğra Gökçe, Assistant Secretary General, who was transferred from Ankara Çankaya Municipality to İzmir with the instructions of President Kocaoğlu. Canbek was later brought to the General Directorate of ESHOT. In such a large-scale project that cost millions of liras, 2 has led to many changes in the management level in such a short period of time. Lastly, Mehmet Ergenekon, who was appointed as the Head of the Rail System Department, had no previous experience in rail system investments.

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