90 Minutes Action in Izmir Torbalı

90 Minutes Action in Izmir Torbalı: Citizens in Izmir's Torbalı district reacted to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's removal of 90 minutes in transportation. In Ayrancılar, approximately 200 people intercepted the bus numbered 806 that went to the Sarnıç Transfer Center and took action.
After the activation of İZBAN's Torbalı line, the Eshot General Directorate, which made changes to some bus services in the region, reacted to the removal of 90 minutes. Approximately 200 people intercepted the bus numbered 4 operating between Egekent 806-Sarnıç Transfer Center. The activists, who were out of 90 minutes on the supply line to the Sarnıç Increasing Center, rebelled against receiving an extra 2 lira and 20 kurus, demanding that the practice go back to the past.
When the protesters wanted to meet with an official from ESHOT, Branch Manager on Duty İbrahim Özkan arrived at the scene. Özkan promised the activists that he would convey the problem where necessary. On the other hand, it has been learned that the citizens will forward the close to a thousand signatures they have collected to the Eshot General Directorate.



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