Izmir Logistics Center

İzmir Will Become a Logistics Center: The representatives of the logistics sector, who came together at the Aegean Logistics Summit, organized for the first time in İzmir by the Aegean Logistics Association (ELODER), wanted to ensure security in the country first and then to maintain good relations with neighboring countries. President of the Aegean Logistics Association Osman Doğrucu stated that the future of the sectors is in providing an environment of peace and tranquility, and said, "There is no trade where there is war and confusion, and the logistics sector cannot grow without trade."
At the Aegean Logistics Summit in Izmir University of Economics Conference Hall, professionals serving the logistics sector in the region shared their opinions and offered solutions to the problems encountered. At the Summit, where different issues and problems were discussed, the speakers gave their presentations to the audience and gave their views on the future of the sector. Stating that the Logistics Summit, which was held for the first time in the Aegean Region, where all the stakeholders of the sector were brought together, was very successful, ELODER Chairman of the Board Osman Doğrucu, with the speeches of the representatives of logistics, retail, universities and public institutions, He said they were holding.
Emphasizing that the problems related to the sector were also brought to the agenda at the meeting, but the most important problem at the point they reached today is security as everyone else, Doğrucu said, “Our region is now a ring of fire. A war continues in Syria. We have problems with our neighbors, especially Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot think of business in this environment. First, security must be provided and then an atmosphere of peace must be created. Otherwise, neither our industry nor other sectors can do business. In countries with war and turmoil, there is no need for logistics, as trade is zeroed. For this reason, we want security in our country and region first, and then peace to come. "Our future is at peace and tranquility as everyone else".
Expressing that İzmir's logistics advantages were also discussed at the Summit, Doğrucu said that their sectors will grow further in the region in order to complete the Çandarlı Port, İzmir-İstanbul Highway and Kemalpaşa Logistics Village projects. Reminding that the logistics sector in Izmir is in a rapid growth, Doğrucu noted that if the sector companies are directed to the right investments, more brands will be created and thus the city will become a world known center in logistics.



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