İZBAN Overseas Delay to Opening of Torbalı Line

IZBAN Overseas Relocation to the Opening of the Torbali Line: The suburban system operated by the AK Party government and the local government in 50 partnership with CHP in IZMIR will be extended to Torbali. political competition in almost every area of ​​the main opposition party to the ruling izban in transforming the cooperation will be an example to Turkey's Transportation, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu's opening later this Saturday, the Minister Yildirim's overseas trip postponed due.
In order to produce a permanent solution to the urban transportation problem of İzmir, AK Party government and CHP local government cooperated. A protocol was signed between TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2005 in order to operate the rail system which will serve in Metro standard. In the year 2007, TCDD and the municipality had a share of 50 in İzmir Suburban System Management. (İZBAN A.Ş.) was founded. 3 on March 2006 Karşıyaka Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu made the opening of the whole line between Aliağa and Cumaovası at Alsancak Station on March 6. Starting from Aliağa, Menemen, Çiğli, Karşıyaka, Alsancak, Adnan Menderes Airport and Cumaovası until the first section serves. From 2011 to İZBAN, 1 carried 2016 million passengers from 340 to February, 450 made thousands of 500 flights. 24 million 910 has traveled a thousand kilometers.
The 10 suburban train operated by 200 between Aliağa and Cumaovası is carried on a daily average of 260 bin-280 thousand passengers. A protocol was signed on 14 March 2011 between TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to extend İZBAN from Cumaovası to Tepeköy in the south. When the system is in operation, 78 km suburban line will be 108 kilometers. Under the TCDD protocol, by adding two new lines to the existing railway line between Cumaovası and Tepeköy stations, the upper and lower structure of the line has been realized. and built telecommunications facilities. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also built six stations, seven highway underpasses and two highway overpasses. Even in the first place 30 to run 38 train including 38 turn going 76 with minute break. Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and Aziz Kocaoğlu, the Torbalı pipeline, were inaugurated on Saturday at the 6. However, at the last moment, the ceremony was postponed due to the visit of Kazakhstan, with the participation of Minister Yildirim, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Although the ceremony will be held later, it is not yet decided whether the flights will start at the weekend.
Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim stated that the economic and social life of the district will be improved with the arrival of IZBAN in Torbali, and that the transportation of approximately 60 thousand workers from Izmir will be facilitated, especially in industrial areas.
Dık Although we have the right and the right to do this project on our own, we have taken such a decision with the direction of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of the time, to be an exemplary model of the project's efficiency and cooperation. Now we see how accurate this decision is. I would like this example to be an example. We have always said, 'If the matter is in İzmir, politics is a matter of course.' İZBAN line is actually a project for the people of Izmir. Torbalı agricultural and industrial district. 800 factory, 61 with 800 million dollars of exports per year, 46 factory, a district that is the locomotive of the economy. We will crown Torbalı's success with İZBAN. İZBAN will connect Torbalı and Aliağa with two industrial zones. University students can now stay with their families. Economic and social life will be revived in Torbalı. Metropolis antique city, the beautiful villages of the region will be full. Approximately one thousand people living in Torbalı, Izmir city center will be easier to reach. Cheap, high quality and safe transportation will be possible. The connection between the districts of the center and the center of Izmir will also be provided by the connection of the Aliaga-Pancar-Torbali OIZs. With the merger of the northern axis of Izmir starting from Aliağa and the southern axis ending in Torbalı, the number of passengers per day is expected to increase by approximately 150. The transportation of nearly 30 thousand workers, mostly from Izmir to Izmir, will be easier. Sanayi
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the largest urban public transport project in the Republic of Turkey with six stations in the 30 km. line with the introduction of the commuter line length reached 110 km.'ye, indicating the line Torbalı'nın development and industry The point of potential in terms of potential. Kocaoglu, said:
“İZBAN is a project that won the first prize in the category of Birliği Best Cooperation ada in the competition held within the scope of the International Congress of Public Transport (UITP). If this cooperation was not established between the Ministry and the Municipality, it would not be possible to implement such a project. In doing this project, an institution may have done more work, an institution may have done less. We have made a fate together. The rest is good. What is right is the realization of these projects that suit this city. Each stage of this investment, which is a giant project in its own right, continues to work at the 26 km. For us, the final point of this project that we will define as essential is Bergama. Thus, we will connect the two ancient cities in the north and south of İzmir and the two major touristic centers of Ephesus and Bergama by rail system. I believe that important steps will be taken in this regard. When we look at the general picture of İzmir in rail system transportation, I can say that there is a real picture of pride for us. The 130 km, which is currently in operation with the bagged line and the metro. long rail system. We will reach 156 km. Mansion and Karşıyaka trams under construction. Narlıdere and Buca metro lines are next. The tender for the Pergamon line is required as soon as possible. In short, as İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have a target that will increase the total rail network of the city to 250 kilometers and we will reach it. ”
- The official opening of IZBAN was made on 6 March 2011 and flights started between. There are 32 stations in this area.
- Cumaovasi- Aliaga 80 km, Cumaovasi-Tepekoy 30 km, Tepekoy-Selcuk 26 km, Aliaga-Bergama 51 km. The total length of the project is 187 km. it will be.
-Cumaovası-Tepeköy has six stations. The total number of stations will be 38.
2011 million in 39.5 in İZBAN, 2012 million in 55.1, 2013 million in 65, 2014 in 81.7 million, 2015 in 87.4 million passengers in 300. The number of weekday journeys is about 1 thousand. 2016 340 carried 450 million passengers until the date of February 500, 24 thousand 910 made the expedition. XNUMX million XNUMX took a thousand kilometers.
-7 The foundation of Cumaoavası-Torbalı line was laid on October 2011.
-17 On March 2012, a new train set was signed to İZBAN and the name of the people of İzmir was named as Gulf Yunusu.
-First Gulf Bay 30 was put into operation on August 2014. The last train 31 was activated on December 2015. Thus, the fleet of İZBAN's vehicle fleet 33'dan 73'e. (219 wagon)
- The goal of the project is to carry 550 thousand passengers per day.
- In the first place between Friday and Baghali 90-120 train will be done. As the passenger demand increases, the number of daily flights will be increased to 190.
The trip time 27-30 is expected to be between the 25 thousand-30 bin of the number of passengers per day for the first year. The highest speed in İZBAN is 120 km per hour. Average commercial speed is 60 per hour. World-class commuter commercial speeds per hour 50-70 km. between.
- In order to extend the Izmir suburban system from Tepeköy to Selçuk and from Aliağa to Bergama, a preliminary agreement was signed on 13 February 2013.
- Construction works with the purpose of making double-line, electric and signaled between Tepeköy-Sağlık-Selçuk (26 km). 78. 891. 531 was contracted to the lira.
- Construction work began on 7 November 2014.
- Tepeköy - Infrastructure and superstructure works are continuing in 10 kilometers between the health stations.
- In accordance with the protocol, there will be two highway underpasses between Tepeköy and Selçuk, two stations under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, seven highway underpasses and two highway overpasses.
- Double-track railway with 50 kilometers between Aliağa and Bergama. Since the Izmir - Istanbul High Speed ​​Line coincided with this route, the 37 kilometer was planned as three lines.
- North Aegean Port (Çandarlı Port) was connected to the north and south axes.
Within the scope of the project, seven additional stations (Aliağa OSB, Yenişakran, Zeytindağ, Yenikent, Bozköy, Bergama Otogar. Pergamum), 23 subway and 11 overpass were planned.

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