Rise to Transportation in Istanbul Became a Court

The Rise to the Transportation in Istanbul Became Court: The average price of 6 million people per day used by public transport vehicles at a time when the price of the 7 10 XNUMX up to the rates of the increase in rates echoing continues. As of last Sunday, the station was moved to the courthouse on the subway, municipal bus, tram and city ferries.
In Istanbul, where the population is based on 15 million, the increase in municipal bus, metrobus, tram, subway, City Lines ferries and Marmaray prices has been moved to court. CHP Istanbul Province President Cemal Canpolat applied to the district administrative court for cancellation of the cancellation, since the 2001 300 the increase in the mass transportation to XNUMX said.
With the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), there has been an increase to be valid as of the last day of the last day on the railroad and sea transportation systems with İstanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT), Bus and Private Public Buses. According to the new fees 2 lira 15 penny 2 lira 30 penny 1 penny, student 10 pounds 1 15 pounds 1 penny 50 penny, the discount rate 1 65 penny 185 pound 80 penny was increased to. Full monthly blue card 4, discount blue card and student monthly Istanbulkart fee was determined as XNUMX lira. On the Metrobus prices, the current graded rate tariff was adjusted according to the new tariff. One, two, three, five, ten-pass cards and coin fees are also to be sold in the XNUMX liras.
8 million Istanbulkart user is the victim of the increase indicating that the CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat, the district administrative court for the cancellation of transportation applied to. Istanbul Bus Private Public Bus Owners and Operators Tradesmen Chamber found that the hike for public transportation fees was insufficient and would not cover the operating costs of the hike.
Transportation hike has affected most minimum wage and pensioners. At least two times each day to the bus stating that the minimum paid Sea E., re-showed reaction. Deniz E. stated that the hike to the minimum wage was taken from the citizen's pocket with a series of price increases. After the bread, the transportation hike was not good at all. Ekmek Retired Halil İnan said: un Thanks to our state, we planted our eyes in our pocket money. Energy prices hit rock bottom in the world. The barrel price of the oil dropped from 150 dollars to 120 dollars. Reductions in the transportation vehicles used by narrow and fixed incomes from one place to another should be discounted, while wage increases up to 28 cannot be accepted. Gelir
CHP Istanbul Provincial Organization applied to the district administrative court for the cancellation of the public transportation.
CHP Istanbul Provincial President Cemal Canpolat, who made a statement in front of the court building, suggested that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been continuously raising its basic consumption items. Canpolat, 2001 since the mass transportation to 300 said the hike. Canpolat stated that public institutions should not pursue profit, saying, ama We have sued today for the withdrawal of the hike. The Metropolitan Municipality group will bring the transportation increase to the agenda of the IMM Parliament. AK Party management, only the tax from poor people to pay the public transportation fees. There is no public organization in public transport anywhere in the world. Public transport vehicles are the vehicles used by people who are struggling to survive, ie the other side of Istanbul. We will follow the case for the withdrawal of this hike. ”He said.
CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat, CHP municipalities in Istanbul, the minimum wage was applied as a thousand 500 liras said. Canpolat, "the minimum wage in our election declaration to be a thousand 500 TL, in Istanbul, we started to implement the decision of the municipality of 14." He said.

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