Istanbul Metrobuste Free Internet

İstanbul Metrobüste Free Internet: Istanbul metrobus passengers can use the internet without charge within the scope of u ibb WiFi İstanbul. Currently, 234 is in the BRT and it is working to reach 400 in a short time.
You can use the internet free of charge under abilir ibb WiFi “. Tok, who is now in the 234 metrobus vehicle and expressing the ethics of continuing the work to reach this number in a short time, said: We will move to Istanbul in a shorter time, we will increase the free internet point rapidly. Wifi points will be made more common in a short time .. anda
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's free internet service is implemented in total 163 location. Daily about 2 bin 500 native, 100 is registering to be able to use foreign user free service.
As of April 2014, the free internet service, which is connected with the name “ibb WiFi” within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been operating in many public areas such as square, street, park-garden, social, sports and cultural facilities. Most Kadıköy15 thousand users per day, from Taksim, Eminönü and Sultanbeyli, said that İBB IT Department Head Hakkı Tok has announced that "ibbWiFi" is now serving on IETT buses and 600 metrobuses.

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