The first bridge to the Bosphorus

The first bridge to the Bosphorus: two sides of Istanbul are now 3. The works continue on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. So when did the two sides of Istanbul come together for the first time?
Until the third bridge in Istanbul, dozens of bridges with unique stories have been made. The first known bridge in Istanbul was BC. It was built by the Persian King. The bridge was built by the Persian King Darius for the first time. Don't call it a bridge. Despite the harsh conditions of time, the Persian Army carried on his back.
King Darius ordered it. In a very short period of time, the ships were arranged in a row between the Rumeli Fortress and the Anatolian Fortress, which was determined as the narrowest point of the Bosphorus. Thus the Persian Army passed on one of these ships from one side to the other. Rumor has it that King Darius settled at the Rumeli Fortress and was followed by the army and the passage of the army.
A similar bridge was built once again in the Byzantine period. This time, the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius by Sarayburnu and was built with a small margin. Because Heraclius had fear of the sea.
He was lined up one after the other and joined the ships so that Heraclius could cross the waters and cross to the other side. It wasn't enough just to set the ships in a row. The emperor once again saw the waters of the sea as he climbed again and again did not pass. He was surrounded by bushes. Heraclius was prevented from seeing the sea. This allowed Heraclius to pass from one side to another.
The first bridges in Istanbul were made in the conditions of time. Now it's 3. Bridge at Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

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