İshak Gazel to Start Istanbul-Antalya Yht Line from Kütahya

Istanbul-Antalya YHT will start from Kütahya, the construction of the Line: Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), the Executive Board members and the AK Party Deputy Kütahya Isaac Ghazals, Istanbul-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and hinted it would start from Kütahya, the construction of the line connecting roads.
Gazel made statements on the Kütahya agenda at the press conference he held. Gazel said, “Istanbul-Antalya High Speed ​​Train line passes through Kütahya. As is known, there is a 54-kilometer Eskişehir-Kütahya line. We met with our general manager to start the first phase of the connection line from Kütahya. First, we wanted the Kütahya line to be built. I hope this will happen and the high-speed train line will be completed ”.
Noting that the problem that emerged regarding the Zafer Organized Industrial Zone was solved, İshak Gazel said, “We consider Zafer OIZ as one of the most important projects of our city in the short and long term. At the current stage, our Ministry of Industry and Trade asked the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for their final opinion by evaluating the OIZ area in terms of water pollution. Our MPs are following this issue together. After receiving a positive opinion from here, a positive order of the Ministry regarding the removal of the rangeland qualification will be expected. From now on, the establishment of the OIZ legal entity and the expropriation procedures will be carried out after the establishment protocol ”.
Deputy İshak Gazel stated that the Palace of Justice was insufficient and that the location was determined and the project was prepared.
Gazel, the National Education building has been made the tender, security building, muft, Forest Regional Directorate, the town hall, Family Social Policies Directorate and the service building, such as the governor's office will come to the tender phase as soon as possible, he said.
İshak Gazel, who also gave information about the City Hospital, added that the hospital works are continuing rapidly and bureaucratic procedures are progressing faster due to the fact that Deputy Vural Kavuncu is the Head of the Health Commission.



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