Swiss railway and tram manufacturer Stadler to invest in Adapazari

Swiss train manufacturer Stadler and trams will invest in Adapazari: Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Rail and tram Management AG, is looking for a representative office in Turkey. Dev company will invest in Adapazarı specified
xnumx't the investments made in Turkey since the infrastructure and transport, it has whet the appetite of foreign giants. The 2003 International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, which will be held on 3-5 March, will be witness to significant cooperation in this field. Stadler Rail Management AG, the Swiss manufacturer of trains, subway cars and trams, will be on display for the first time at Eurasia Rail. This company is looking for representative in Turkey even stated that the investment plan. "This year's star will be Stadler Rail," said Moris Revah, ITE Turkey Shipping & Logistics Group Director. Stadler is a giant with thousands of employees and investments of billions of euros. He's coming to find a representative. They will establish a factory in Adapazarı if they provide an agreement. They will produce trains, subway cars and trams. Tren
Turkey, both domestic and the 2023 billion euro investment potential will make the rail until 45 Revah, indicating that a large pie for foreigners, said: "Currently 7 thousand kilometers near the high-speed train line under construction. 4 over a thousand kilometers will be made in the conventional line. Metro and trams are also an important market. Feasibility studies in 24 provinces have been completed. All this is a great cake for both domestic and foreigners. Tüm
Revah, who gave information about the fair, said: X 6's Eurasia Rail will be held at 3-5 March 2016 at the Istanbul Expo Center. It is one of the largest 3 rail fair in the Eurasia region and the largest in the world. Last year we joined 274 with 68 6 professional visitors from 268 country. This year, 30 300 participating companies from the country, 70 10 thousand professional visitors from the country we aim to bring together. There will be participation from Iran. İran
Revah, the companies participating in the fair 51'ın XNUMX'ın said that the rest of the foreign, he said. Noting that Türkler had business contacts abroad with this fair, Revah said, iş The Turks are now producing every kind of production. We take important tenders, Önemli he said.


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