Integration of Freight Centers to Rail Transport System was Held

The Meeting of the Integration of Freight Centers to the Rail Transport System was held: The presentation of the final report of the ız Pre-Feasibility of the integration of the TR21 District Freight Centers to the Rail Transport System and the Summary of the Project Regional, Economic and Social Impact Analysis asyon prepared by our Chamber within the scope of the Direct Operating Financial Support Program of Trakya Development Agency The conference was held in the Conference Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tekirdag. The Governor of Tekirdag Enver Salihoglu, Süleymanpaşa Governor Ahmet Atılkan, President of Tekirdağ TSO and TOBB Board Member Cengiz Günay, Çerkezköy Kaymakamı Metin Kubilay, General Secretary of Trakya Development Agency Mahmut Şahin, Mayor of Marmara Ereğlisi İbrahim Uyan, Deputy Mayor of Süleymanpaşa Municipality, Berkay Çakır, Deputy Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Gürcün, Provincial Director of Science, Industry and Technology Fahrettin Akçal, Deputy Director Tepe, KOSGEB Tekirdag Provincial Director Tolga Erkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asyaport Ahmet Soyuer, Martaş Port Manager Mustafa Çebi, Tekirdag TSO Board of Directors Treasurer Taner Karaoğlu, Board Members Göksel Karaevli, Cemil Koçaş, Muzaffer Destereci, Environment City and District Trade and Industry Members of the Management and Assembly Board and Organized Industrial Zone Managers attended their rooms.
The opening speeches were made by Tekirdağ TSO President and TOBB Board Member Cengiz Günay,
Ir In today's competitive conditions, it is important to ensure that all transportation movements are carried out continuously from the point of origin of the goods to the destination. The establishment of an effective transport infrastructure contributes to the reduction of costs and increases the competitiveness of national economies. Railway transportation in transportation types comes to the fore with both economic and environmental aspects. In geographies where railway infrastructure is strong, transportation types are integrated, bottlenecks are eliminated, operation continuity is ensured with new transportation options, and faster, more economic more environmentalist results are obtained as the ultimate benefit.
In the Thrace Region, the 321 is a railway network and the transportation of raw materials, ready-made parts and semi-finished products to the factories and the delivery of finished products from factories to the target market and customers are carried out mostly on the road vehicle via container or trailer. Marmara Ereğlisi where industrial clustering took place ÇerkezköyThere are European Free Zone and Organized Industrial Zones in the area between Çorlu, Lüleburgaz and Tekirdağ Center and the industrial density of Istanbul is shifting to this region. In addition, when the logistics centers of Asyaport Port and the newly established logistics centers are put into operation, there will be a serious burden in the logistics area in our region. In order to ensure the uninterrupted and safe transportation of these loads, alternative transport systems in the region should be put in place and new measures should be set for this. In the case of future scenarios, if strong rail connections between Ports and OIZs cannot be established, the cargo will shift to the highway. In this case, the infrastructure of the highway will increase rapidly due to the high tonnage and the large number of trucks. This will undoubtedly lead to a growing number of problems such as traffic congestion, high transport costs, accidents, high fuel consumption and air pollution. In case of preferential use of railways in these future loads, industrial transportation costs in the region will be reduced. In addition, due to the fact that carbon and greenhouse gas emissions of rail transport are low and environmentally friendly, they will be protected from the negative effects of ecological environmental cargo transportation.
For these reasons, in order to carry the future of the logistics infrastructure in the TR21 Region, a general evaluation of all transportation options in the region, pre-feasibility of the connection lines of the railway infrastructure to the railway transportation system by examining the railway infrastructure in terms of the load centers in Thrace Region, Line connection suggestions should be put in place to ensure that the cargoes will be transported to a terminal connected to a railway connection at a dryport (Kara Port) terminal in Tekirdağ center, TDİ Tekirdağ Port, TMO Tekirdağ Terminal, Martaş Port and Asyaport Ports. Our Chamber has implemented this project to realize this aim. I hope that the contribution of the project to our region will be sustainable and I hope that the region will be beneficial. I
After the speeches of President Cengiz Günay, presentation of the final report of “Pre-Feasibility of the Integration of TR21 Region Freight Centers to Rail Carriage System and Regional, Economic and Social Impact Analysis of the Project inin prepared by Ari-Es company officials and the meeting with the question-answer section after the presentation it ended.

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