Ihlara Town Town Square - Ulubag Cable Car Project Started Preparations

Ihlara Municipality Town Square - Ulubag Teleferic Project Prepared for Bidding with BOT Model
The preparatory work for the tender of ”Kasaba Square - Ulubag Cable Car Construction hazırlık to be realized by Ihlara Municipality was started.
Journal of InvestmentsAccording to the information; feasibility studies started by the municipality. Project details are discussed with various companies. The 2 ropeway construction, which will be about 10 km long, will cost $ 1 million.
After the completion of the feasibility studies, he will get permission from the Monuments Board. The tender is planned to be done with Build - Operate - Transfer (YDD) model. In addition to the Teleferik Project, a social facility with a hotel, ski area and walking paths will be built in Karanlık Kale area. After the completion of all works, the tender is expected to be made within 2017. (HT)

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