Istanbul-Ankara With Hyperloop Becomes 25 Minutes (Video)

Hyperloop with the Istanbul-Ankara Becomes 25 Minute: hyperloop was included in the ITU team from Turkey. Even when the project takes place, 1 will take 25 from Istanbul to Ankara.
Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students, who are the finalists in the competition for the high-speed road vehicle 'Hyperloop', the new project of Elon Musk, the chief architect and co-owner of the team developing the electric car Tesla presented projects. ITU Sci-X Hyperloop Pod design team, which has been among the best 200 projects in the competition attended by thousands of 124 teams worldwide, told the world's leading scientists the details of their projects at 'SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Weekend' in Houston, Texas. When the project is implemented, Istanbul-Ankara 25 will be in the minute.

Hyperloop, which radically changes the speed and security of public transportation, is planned to be operational in 2018 and many other countries, especially the US. When the project is implemented, passengers can travel between Istanbul and Ankara in 5 minutes with an average 25 hour. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Motor companies, is the first publicized project in 2013. It consists of aluminum tubes and pillars that move inside the pillars at intervals ranging from 450 to 900. The fact that SpaceX announced that this project will not receive any patents and will be completely open source will increase interest in the project. SpaceX teamed up with 29-30 January 2016 as the etmek SpaceX Design Weekend ileri to encourage students to innovate. At the end of the evaluation, the selected pod designs will be passed through various tests in the coming period and then production will be carried out. These pods produced on the 2016 kilometer private track prepared in California at June 1.6 will be tested.
Zorlu Holding's CEO Ömer Yüngül stated that he was the sponsor of the leadership school of the Zorlu Holding Young Guru Academy (YGA), where he said that he was given both leadership training and met with angel investors and opinion owners. Stating that Zorlu Holding also supports various projects as an angel investor, Yüngül said: el We have a project from YGA. Upon the construction of the solar panel on the dams. We sponsored 100 for this project. Next year we will put these panels on the Tercan Dam belonging to our group. This project is a product of the angel investor model. Bu
Ömer Yüngül, the CEO of Zorlu Holding who did not leave ITU students alone in his presentation in the United States, said that Zorlu Holding provided unlimited support to the activities in this field. Üy We have the idea of ​​Yönetim what do I do better, how I can do it better cesi, cesi what, how can I improve it? Yap Yüngül is the member of the Vestel Beyaz Eşya Board of Directors in the same day. Şule Zorlu Cümbüş'ten from the corporate communications department and he admitted that he accepts without hesitation. Saying that R & D is a priority area for them, Yüngül said, ud It is spent whatever is necessary in order not to limit the works in this area. For example, we have been working on hydrogen energy for 18 years. We have a tremendous amount of information on this right now. In the same way, 12 is doing research and production for unmanned aerial vehicle for years. Similarly, our research into the nickel mine is the 450 million dollar investment we made in this field. We do not expect any positive results from each research. We also have significant results from our failures. In short, there is no limit for us in R & D, Özet he said.
Ömer Yüngül pointed out that Zorlu Group has important activities in technology in all areas of operation, especially Vestel, and therefore they are in close cooperation with TÜBİTAK. Mr. Yüngül said that TÜBİTAK entered a more active period in recent years and this could be further improved. Bun It is possible to make a big difference with the small changes in the functioning of TÜBİTAK. For example, in order to speed up the process, support can be provided on-site. Örneğin

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