Rise to Transportation in Istanbul Became a Court

The Rise to the Transportation in Istanbul Became Court: The average price of 6 million people per day used by public transport vehicles at a time when the price of the 7 10 XNUMX up to the rates of the increase in rates echoing continues. As of last Sunday, the station was moved to the courthouse on the subway, municipal bus, tram and city ferries.
In Istanbul, the population of which is 15 million, the increase in the fees of the city bus, metrobus, tram, metro, City Lines ferries and Marmaray was taken to the court. CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat, who applied to the regional administrative court for the cancellation of the hike, said that the hike in public transportation since 2001 was 300 percent.
With the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations (IETT), Bus Inc. and Private Public Buses and rail and sea transportation systems were raised, effective from the last Sunday. According to the new fees, the full ticket has been increased from 2 lira 15 kuruş to 2 lira 30 kuruş, the student from 1 lira 10 kuruş to 1 lira 15 kuruş, and the discounted tariff from 1 lira 50 kuruş to 1 lira 65 kuruş. The full monthly blue card is 185, the discounted blue card and the monthly fee for the student Istanbulkart are 80 lira. The gradual fee tariff for Metrobus prices has also been adjusted according to the new tariff. One, two, three, five, ten pass cards and coin fees will be sold for 4 lira as before.
8 million Istanbulkart user is the victim of the increase indicating that the CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat, the district administrative court for the cancellation of transportation applied to. Istanbul Bus Private Public Bus Owners and Operators Tradesmen Chamber found that the hike for public transportation fees was insufficient and would not cover the operating costs of the hike.
The transportation hike affected the minimum wage and retirees the most. Stating that he gets on the bus at least twice a day, Deniz E., with the minimum wage, reacted to the hike. Stating that the increase in the minimum wage was taken from the pocket of the citizen with a series of price increases, Deniz E. said, “If I just go to work and come to work, it makes 150 TL. After the bread, the transportation hike was not good at all. " said. Retired Halil Inan said: “Thanks to our state, it has focused on the money in our pockets. Energy prices hit rock bottom around the world. The price per barrel of oil went down from $ 120 to $ 28. Wage increases of up to 10 percent are unacceptable, although a discount should be made on the means of transport used by low and fixed income people to travel from one place to another. " said.
CHP Istanbul Provincial Organization applied to the regional administrative court for the cancellation of the increase in public transportation in Istanbul.
Making a statement in front of the court building, CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat claimed that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality constantly increased basic consumption items. Canpolat said that the increase in public transportation since 2001 is 300 percent. Stating that public institutions should not be for profit, Canpolat said, “We filed a lawsuit today to get the raise back. Our Metropolitan Municipality group will bring the transportation increase to the agenda of the IMM Assembly. The AK Party administration is only taking taxes from poor people to raise public transportation fees. No public institution aims to make a profit in public transport anywhere in the world. Public transportation vehicles are the vehicles used by people with low income, that is, the other side of Istanbul. We will follow the case we have filed for the reversal of this hike. " he spoke.
CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Cemal Canpolat announced that the minimum wage in CHP municipalities in Istanbul is 500 TL. Canpolat said, "We decided to implement the minimum wage of 500 TL in our election statement in our 14 municipalities in Istanbul." said.

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