What is the 10 Anniversary for Haydarpasa Train Station

10 Announced for the Haydarpasa Railway Station: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to revise the Master Plan for Conservation of the Haydarpasa Station, Kadikoy Square and the Environment, which was canceled by the court. It's good news for this historic garage. So what does this decision mean?
The Haydarpaşa Train Station 19, built as the starting station of the Baghdad Railway line, was put into service at the August 1908. For the last 10, the discussions about the historic garage have not ended. Although the garage has lost its function for the time being, the news came from the İBB Zoning Commission. Previously, the court decided to revise the Haydarpaşa Train Station, Kadikoy Square and the Environment Conservation Plan for the 1 / 5000 scale canceled by the court. In the plan to be prepared, Haydarpasa Train Station will be the first station of the Fast Train and will continue its gar function with its historical identity.
Haydarpaşa Station and its environs have been changed many times in the plan point since 2004. Managers gave many promises. Each time these words were forgotten, the historical garage and its surroundings were used for rent purposes. The final decision of the IMM is obviously not very convincing, but it requires a happy welcome. But it's not a blessing. Because the judiciary had canceled the plan. IMM did not have any other choice but to change this plan. We have witnessed many court decisions in this respect. Only minor changes were made in the plan notes and the judicial decisions were passed. It is not yet clear how the revision will be made, but at least it will be re-used in the essential function of the historical garage building.
Let's have a look at the final 10 annual Haydarpaşa Train Station and developments Koruma Haydarpaşa Train Station, Istanbul II with the decision of the Board of the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage 21.08.1997 days and 4542 numbered N 1. The group was registered as ”conservation of cultural assets grup. The project, which is being prepared for Haydarpaşa Port and its surroundings under the title of merkezi Haydarpaşa Manhattan alan, was announced as the world trade center of the region which includes gar and port. Since then, the discussions have never ended.
The appearance of Haydarpaşa in the plan to be revised was on the model.
Plans that started to build in Haydarpaşa and its environs did not get approval from 2005 Conservation Board in 3. TCDD did not make plans again. However, the plans could not get approval from the board. 5 26 2006 85 2007 1 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX However, the decision was not distributed. The Ministry of Culture was commissioned to rethink the decision. TCDD Istanbul XNUMX on June XNUMX. He filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the decision at the Administrative Court. When the court rejected the case, the TCDD appealed, but the decision was upheld by the Council of State. In this way, Haydarpasa Train Station was informed about the SİT environment.
After this date, the developments took place as follows.
* November 2007 With the protocol dated 30.11.2007 signed between the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of State Railways, Müdür 1 / 5000 Scaled Haydarpaşa Garage, Port and Back Field Protection Plan for Public Works Demir was decided to be carried out for the region that covers the Haydarpaşa port and backcourt.
* 28 November 2010 hour 14.30 fire broke out on the historic Haydarpasa Station roof. The historic building was greatly damaged.
* November 2011 layan 1 / 5000 Scale Conservation Master Plan kültür which aims to transform Haydarpasa Train Station, Kadikoy Square and Harem Bus Terminal to the area of ​​culture, tourism and trade, was accepted by the majority of the rey.
* February 2012 l Haydarpaşa Gar, Harbor and Back Field Conservation plan Public Works Plan ”was approved in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas,, Gar will lose its function. We will consider the resort in such a way as to provide accommodation. G
* September 2012 Istanbul Haydarpasa Railway Station and Port Transformation Project for the final arrangement decision, Justice and Development Party with the majority of the AK Party members passed the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.
* October 2012 Chamber of Architects and Chamber of City Planners Istanbul branches, Unions Transport Employees Union and Liman-İş stop the execution of Od Üsküdar District, Harem District and Haydarpaşa Port Backplane 1 / 5000 Scale, 19 June 2012 Approval Date Implementation Plan and filed a lawsuit with cancellation request.
* November 2012 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications UM Tube passage is present. Building can not be done. On the objection, the Haydarpasa Train Station and Port Transformation Project for the TCDD land given to the public has canceled the work permit. The lands were processed as a green area for the public works plan.
* February 2013 Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Yıldırım said that the Haydarpaşa Train Station will not be the hotel.
* June 2013 The final commuter train service took place from Haydarpaşa Train Station.
* 2013 December 2 In the case of the fire incident, 10 worker and company owner XNUMX was sentenced to a month of imprisonment.
* February 2014 IBB Assembly 3 In December 2013, 1 / 5000 scale Haydarpasa Train Station, Kadikoy Square and Surroundings made changes to the public works plan for conservation purposes. Although the essence of the plan remained the same, the changed plan notes were suspended.
* Haydarpasa station, Kadikoy Square and Surrounding 1 / 5000 scale of the Master Plan for the development of the amendment of the IMM's decision 08 October 2012 date 23954 decision to cancel the execution and the execution of the case until the end of the case was decided to stop the execution.
* March 2014 When the modified plan notes were removed from the hanger, the Chamber of Architects on the 28.03.2014 called Haydarpaşa Solidarity filed a lawsuit in Istanbul Administrative Court with the request of the execution of the plan with the cancellation of the plan.
* May 2014 17 February 2014 rejected the decision to stop the execution of IMM's request was not accepted. Arı Haydarpaşa Train Station Kadikoy Square and Surrounding 1 / 5000 scale Conservation Master Plan X was decided to stop the execution.
* June 2014 Restoration tender won the Delta Construction company. The company 13 signed a contract for employment on June 2014.
* September 2014 Kadikoy Municipality rejected Haydarpasa restoration project. Haydarpaşa Train Station did not license the restoration.
* In the Haydarpasa Train Station restoration project, which was rejected by Kadıköy Municipality, it was revealed that new sections such as 100 thousand square meters workshop, underground car park and underground bazaar were added.
* August 2015 Harem region and Haydarpaşa Port and Back Site 1 / 5000 scale Master Plan was canceled due to the principles of urbanism, planning principles and public interest.
* December 2015 Transportation Department's Haydarpasa Railway Station details about the details of the plan: Haydarpasa Railway Station will be restored to the original, the gar function will be preserved. Many trade areas planned in the region were also canceled.

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