Hakkaride Ski Pleasure

Skiing in Hakkari: Skiing in Hakkari Merga Bütan Ski Center attracts attention from the inhabitants of the city. Those who are interested in winter sports in Hakkari prefer Merga Büte ski center.

Citizens from the ski resort 12 2 at 800 altitude in XNUMX kilometers from the city center, skiing and hiking.

Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Reşit Güldal stated that the ski center, which was opened 6 years ago, attracted great attention especially on weekends, and said, “Citizens come, do their picnic, ski, have fun and have a good time”.

Explaining that they also train athletes in the ski center, Güldal said, “In the beginning, our athletes were not in the top 10. But now we have started to see many of our athletes in the first place. "As the facility grows, I believe we will train more athletes as the peace becomes more comfortable."

Erkan Kahraman, one of the visitors of the center, stated that he worked as a teacher in Hakkari and said that the best time was spent here because there are not many social areas in the city.

Action Aydemir University student in such a beautiful nature of the happiness of skiing, these beauties must be introduced, he added.

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