Netherlands's Den Haag City Central Station Opens

Central Station Opened in Den Haag City, Netherlands: The central station in Den Haag, the Netherlands, opened after reconstruction. Den Haag Mayor Jazias van Aartsen attended the opening.
Den Haag city central station 1970 was built in the year and now it is decided to rebuild because it is no longer able to meet the needs. With the new station, train, tram and bus services can be arranged from the central station.
The new station was built with a length of 120 m, a width of 96 m and a height of 22 m. The roof of the central station supported by 8 units was made of glass.
The reconstructed Den Haag central station was built in two main stages. The first stage was the construction of the tram section in 2006. The second stage was the main section in 2011. After the central station is put into service, daily use is expected to reach 190000 from 270000.

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