Inchean Airport Maglev Line Opens in South Korea

Inchean Airport Maglev Line Opened in South Korea: In South Korea, maglev train line was built using all in-country technologies. 3, the first maglev line in the country, went into service in February. The line will serve every 09 every minute between 00: 18 and 00: 15 every day. Together with the new maglev line, the 6,1 was interconnected between Incheon National Airport and Yongyu, which is a mile long. There are even 6 units in total.
For the new line, Hyundai Rotem 4 produced the train that can serve as a non-stick. Each of the trains with a maximum speed of 110 km / h was manufactured with an 230 passenger capacity.
Launched in South Africa by the Ministry of Transportation in 2006, the Maglev Project attracts great attention with South Korea's first maglev line. Hyundai Rotem said in a statement, this is a first and in the coming years, two more maglev line will be put into service.

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