Gümüşhane is waiting for the Süleymaniye Ski Center

Gümüşhane is waiting for the Süleymaniye Ski Center: The Süleymaniye Winter Sports Tourism Center, which is located at the distance of 3 to 2 meters, is waiting to be opened to both tourism and skiing.

The work on the ski center, which starts at an altitude of 500 meters and adjacent to the Kanlıdüz location at an altitude of 2 thousand 260 meters, continues at the master plan stage, adjacent to the old settlement of Gümüşhane, Süleymaniye.

Within the scope of the studies that have gained momentum recently, a delegation from Kayseri will be expected to conduct inspections in the region, and the 3rd Degree Urban and Natural Protected Area, which is the tourism leg of the region, has come to an end in the Preservation Plan and Urban Design Project in Süleymaniye District.

Mustafa Akbulut (13), who devoted his life to skiing when the road was opened for the meteorological station to be established at the summit of Suleymaniye Ski Center, which has been on the agenda of the city for the last 54 years, took advantage of the opportunity and skied in the region.

Akbulut, which can reach the track area of ​​the 800 hectare ski center, which is intended for novices, by land type vehicle, said that in 2005 it was possible to ski in the same area 10 years after skiing with the Governor of the time, Veysel Dalmaz.


Akbulut, a 24-year-old skier who noted that they had reached the region by knowing the opportunity to open a road for the establishment of a meteorology station this year in Süleymaniye Ski Center, said, “We measured the snow thickness and quality of this place in those years and decided that it was very beautiful. This season, there is about 3 meters of snow in the region. Snow quality is also very nice. It is also suitable for skiing. ”


Akbulut, with the meteorology data to be established as a skiing community, stated that they want to provide the service of the ski center in a short time and offer the service of the people of Gümüşhane and the region, “The area we are in now is a very large area. Ski races can also be held here. This is a great place for training, beginners, slow skiers. Hundreds of people can ski at the same time. But Süleymaniye's 2-kilometer track is completely an area for professionals. This place is separate from there. It is a very large and flat area and a place that can hold snow until April. ”


Sulaymaniyah ski resort in Turkey and the world carries traces of the history of differences with other ski resorts that survived the work of many historical, Muslims and Christians for centuries, which is inhabited tolerance settlements along the Süleymaniye neighborhood with a record that is adjacent Akbulut, "ski in Sulaimaniya and history intertwined. With this feature only in Turkey, perhaps even one in the world. The ski center should be brought to the service of sports and tourism together with the Suleymaniye Campus. At this point, ongoing work should be accelerated. ”