Great interest to the European destination ski resort

Great interest in the European destination ski center: Nemrut crater lake in the TatVan district of Bitlis and the ski resort in Nemrut Mountain, which is worthy of the European Distinguished Destination Excellence Award, was flooded by citizens at the weekend.

Nemrut crater lake and Nemrut Mountain, which received the Excellence Award from the European Distinguished Destinations (EDEN) Project, became a popular destination for skiers in nature and winter. Due to its location, the ski resort located between Nemrut crater lake and Lake Van offers skiing opportunities with a unique view to those who love skiing. Some families who had the opportunity to enjoy the weekend enjoyed the snow by making a barbecue on the snow.
The ski resort, located at the foot of Mount Nemrut, at a distance of 13 to Tatvan, was flooded by ski lovers from the central districts and districts of Bitlis. Nemrut Ski Center Director Faruk Sinoglu, European Distinguished Destinations Project within the scope of the First Prize of Excellence Nemrut crater lake and Nemrut mountain reminded me of the received. Ğ The ski resort is open at the weekend, ğ said Sinoğlu. Our skiers flock to the ski center from surrounding cities. Our runway is beautiful, our citizens spend their time here at the weekend. Because the weather is nice, some families are skiing and picnicking. As long as there is snow on our track, we will continue to open. The facility has 2 bin 500 meter lift system. This system is capable of carrying a thousand people per hour. We have an 4 track according to the difficulty level. What makes our facility different is the point where blue and white meet. As a bird's eye view, you can watch the hot and cold Nemrut crater lake and Lake Van. You are skiing against the view of Lake Van. This makes us different from other ski resorts. There are also visitors to the resort. They're watching the scenery by riding the chairlift. Tel

According to the degree of difficulty in the facility for children, novices, women and professionals to create separate tracks Sinoglu, a skier of the resort using a full-on pleasure skiing 7,5 mileage can do, he said.

The Dils Adanalı teacher's Özdoğan, Nimrod wanted to see the natural beauty of the ski resort with people coming from all over Turkey. Orum It is really a blessing to have such a ski resort here, an says Özdoğan. ”7 is working as a teacher in Tatvan for years. The facility is very beautiful, on one side there is a view of the Van lake on one side of the Nemrut crater lake. Worth a visit with everything. A complete family atmosphere. We came with our family, we spend the weekend very nice. I would recommend to everyone, tavsiye he said.

Specialist at Tatvan State Hospital. Hacı Kahya Özdoğan also said that he liked the ski resort very much and had a long look at the weekend. Özdoğan stated that it is a pleasure to ski in the face of Van lake view and said ası It is a perfect nature. Van Lake and Nemrut Mountain, a wonderful setting. There is a ski resort in the hotel. Especially here we feel ourselves in a family environment. We are very happy in the ski resort. An amazing sight awaits us when we go to the top. On one side the view of the Van lake is on one side and the Nemrut crater lake. I would advise citizens to come and see in this region. Bu

Kerim Sonmez said that he came to Nemrut Ski Center in order to relieve stress during the week. Için We spend a pleasant weekend here. We are doing picnics, skiing and sports here. Burada

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