First Meteorological Data Received from Suleymaniye Ski Center

The First Meteorological Data from Süleymaniye Ski Center: The meteorology station requested for the Süleymaniye Ski Center, which will be established on the slopes of the historical Süleymaniye District, 3 kilometers from Gümüşhane, was installed.

With the support of the Gümüşhane Meteorology Directorate, the temporary Automatic Meteorology Observation Station (OMGİ), brought from the Trabzon Meteorology Regional Directorate, was established at the starting point of the ski center at an altitude of 2 meters and the first data started to be received.

After the road that provides access to the region from the plateau roads of Yaydemir and Dortkonak villages, the technical team from Trabzon first made a series of determinations in the region. The teams that took a series of additional security and protection measures for the facility, which will be established at such a high altitude for the first time within the Regional Directorate, completed the installation of the facility in 2 days with the help of the Special Administration technical personnel.

Turkey and vital meteorological data on the master plan phase of the ongoing work within the framework of the future of a panel of experts in the coming weeks to Sulaymaniyah Ski permanent station will be established after receiving a temporary period for the world's leading ski resorts of someone being planned facility.

Turkey and the world carries traces of the past, unlike other ski resorts that survived the work of many historical, Muslims and Christians for centuries lived together as tolerance settlement of 3rd degree in urban and natural sites of skiing because it is adjacent to the Süleymaniye neighborhood and history intertwined be Sulaymaniyah Ski mechanical The data to be obtained from OMGİ is of vital importance in the project design of facilities and artificial greeting units.

Both meteorological data and the master plan to be prepared in the region after the preparation of the master plan is expected to start work at the Süleymaniye Ski Center quickly.

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