Good news of 3 metro and 2 tram to Eyüp Sultan

Eyüp Sultan's 3 metro and 2 tram news: Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın explained the innovations that will take place in the district.
Your first period. You've been chairman for two years. So what if we make the evaluation of these two years, what did Remzi Aydın bring to Eyüp? I've got a lot of things, which one?
Most importantly, we have added a new excitement and vision to the region and to Eyüp. We have also seriously restructured the municipality. Our service building was a smart building. We switched to electronic information management system and e-signature application. The paperwork cycle is over, everything is digital. At the same time, we save money, a software change has saved us around two million. We have made serious strides in social municipality, for example, we have established the Youth Sports Directorate for the first time. For the first time, we established Social Support Services Directorate. Formerly social support was given once a year for coal three or four times. But now it is determined from the analysis work of the needy people, to the list, according to the criteria, which material is determined. You go to the store, you can get the appropriate outfit for your body. From the fulfillment of the individual needs of the people to the marriage counseling and psychological service, there is a support directorate in an area of ​​approximately ten pens, from the availability of scholarships to employment.
Eyüp is one of the most important faith centers. The restoration of Eyüp Sultan Tomb is over. Do you have projects to develop faith tourism?
Most of those who come to Eyup are coming to visit the mausoleum, mosque and the future but in fact Eyüp is not only the center of faith tourism but also cultural tourism center. Eyüp currently stands out with its shrine and mosque, but it is a great potential for cultural tourism. Eyup, the Ottoman and the Republic was a town that is desirable to live in the period. Socio-economically very high groups, elite people lived and wanted to live in a region. Everyone here couldn't own a property, and they needed special permission because it was a very special place. In the same way, people wanted to be buried here after they died and it was applied. Thus, a legacy arises: Eyüp is the place where Mimar Sinan produced the most works in Istanbul. There are works of Sinan in Eyüp. Tombs, mosques, madrasahs, cemeteries. We have a study on cemeteries, IMM will start now, there is a study such as reading, cleaning.
Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın said that Eyüp has a great potential for cultural tourism and that they have developed important projects to evaluate this source: bir Mimar Sinan has created the most Eyüp works in Istanbul. Now we are going to create the Mimar Sinan Route. Historical cemeteries will be added to tourism arlık
Kazandır MIMAR Sinan brought the work to Eyüp in Istanbul. Now we are creating the Mimar Sinan Route. In other words, Mimar Sinan's works will be introduced. And we're going to do the Cemeteries Route. In this sense, there are incredible variations and resources in Eyüp. Women's cemetery, male cemetery, hangman cemetery. And we are now aiming to bring here the historical tourism that lies here. Eyüp is a place with different architectural examples. There are houses, mansions, baths and we need to show them all. This architect needs and values ​​have not added to tourism. There is a life in Eyüp, there is a texture, there is a Pierre Loti, the Golden Horn. Therefore, in this sense, Eyüp is one of the centers of culture and civilization in tourism. When we complete our field management work, the restoration of historical artifacts, a systematic rule, and the creation of corporate identity, the table will be enormous with the arrival of hotels and the service sector. Alan
“I work eight days a week! No matter how well your team works, you need a leader. I can't go to any funeral, but I'm reaching by phone. People are so pleased that sometimes my eyes are full. I wish we could meet with everyone. We are now launching a new program and two days a week in the municipality. for. I'm out for the rest of the days and I'il be in the neighborhoods. Schools, associations, foundations, tradesmen, households, clubs, I will visit everyone. We divide Eyüp into three main regions in terms of service interlocutor. One of these is Eyüp Merkez. The second region is Alibeyköy- Yeşilpınar axis, where half of our population lives. It is a troubled place in terms of building but we plan to recover in the coming period. We are working with IMM at the point of creating living spaces where people will be satisfied with their healthier, livable, infrastructure and superstructure, especially in-place transformation. Nişanca, Rami'da will be renewed. Our outstanding feature is our work in the fields of youth, education, sports and culture. Öne
“We need to invest in our people. Lifting up the buildings, of course, should be done, but we have to go beyond that. For example, when I arrived there were seven houses of information. We doubled it. We have youth work. Starting from an eastern legend, Simurg, we named him the Simurg Project. 5-25 is a highly qualified program for young people and children. We wrote our own curriculum. We have about 110 personality training staff. We have completed the curriculum by combining the practical experience with getting help from the university and the experts in this field. He has his own way of training. Interactive education is not like in schools. They have special materials, they have special dimensions, they have special places and even they have their own corporate identities and designs. We get very positive feedback from this. Five thousand students benefit. Children 'memorize the word and tell me' style rather than the child's experience, a system that learns by mistake. In the past, the children who had been fighting from home were now going to school. Çıkan
One of Eyüp Municipality's cultural tourism projects is the Cülus Road… In Cülus Yolu, which symbolizes the sultan's sovereignty, it is planned to revive this sultan's road, where the sultans were equipped with swords when they ascended the throne. With President Remzi Aydın, we toured the Cülus Road, just behind Eyüp Sultan Tomb. Aydın said that the Cerus Ceremony will come to life in May.
With the Prestige Street Project, both the infrastructure and the flooring of roads are renewed. 2 is the application on the street. There are feeding points for the animals living around Eyüp Square, mosque and tomb.
Iş The citizen has perceived the municipality and its chairman as an authority to be applied in every question. The citizen sees you as a port to shelter, a place to unravel. We are trying to solve their problems, albeit in some way. As a result, the expectations of the citizen is too much. In order to meet that expectation, we also focused on services in accordance with our own mission. Is the public satisfied with the service or there is a question whether the interest. I think they both like it, but they want interest in the nose. Citizen wants to be touched, interlocutor, and want to be valued. There's nothing weird about it. It is my opinion that a municipality evaluates this feeling with a citizen. We call our servant, so we are not a subordinate relationship, but we are the people who aspire to the service, so we have to address the citizens of this service and touch them. Only service is not enough, need attention.
Eyüp is one of the most important districts of Istanbul with its historical texture. What do you do to keep this history and culture alive?
For a year and a half, we started a work called Historic Center Area Management Project. In this study, there are rebuilding the historical centers of Eyüp. We organized a competition for architectural offices. Roads, facades, textures, functions of historical buildings, such as silhouette. Eyüp is actually a region that still lives. This is a very rare feature in the world. You go to a place like a museum but you don't have people inside. Life continues in Eyüp. The people of the new generation and outside of Eyup should see, feel and live this historical fabric, this important center belonging to our civilization. When you go to other historical places of the world, we want them to feel what they feel here. For example, In St. Petersburg, everywhere in Venice has special rules, there are special rules, cars can not enter, trades can not want to make the sign, but as a result is a reflection of corporate understanding is not to bother anyone, everyone is satisfied. We want to do this. In this sense, Eyup is a little orphaned so to speak, but this period we will achieve this.
You're saying you're an orphan in preserving your historical identity? Was that the first shortcoming you felt as soon as you took the job?
Of course, I was born in Eyüp and this was something I always knew. I don't want it to be misunderstood, because I don't want to be unfair with friends who came before me. Serious steps were taken in this period. His most important work is to protect this aspect of Eyüp. There are some studies that have started in its own time, but now it should be taken further in terms of the points reached. This is our purpose. We need to take it further and make it more comprehensive and qualified. We can't ignore our previous work.
What is included in the Historical Central Area Management Project you mentioned? For example, I was distracted by the signage pollution in the square and the chaos in front of the shops. This image pollution does not suit such a mystical place at all ...
Our aim is to make Eyüp the historical heritage of history, where the values ​​of the historical heritage have gained a strong visibility, where all the aspects of its heritage are preserved and where visitors meet, a source of inspiration and comfort. The connection with the Golden Horn, historic street textures, graveyards, green texture, square, such as to ensure a tangible heritage. In doing so, we will start with the historical square. There are important tourism centers in the world, there are historical centers. This work is exactly the same. When you say one to one, the level is the same as the level. The signs will come to order. Everybody cannot hang any kind of signage in any color they want.
When will this project start?
This is a long process. There is Eyüp Square. Some problems with transportation need to be solved. A work should be done to ensure that Eyüp is reached very easily. IMM works on this issue but it has not been reached yet. According to him, plans are made, applications will be made and the process will be completed. We need to start from one place, we create the corporate identity guide first. Both the municipality and this square should have a unique corporate identity. We need logos, we need colors. We have routes, they need to be determined. We'll handle them quickly.
I Haliç Tramway Project was prepared. This is actually a project of IMM, it was our offer only. A tramway from Eminönü to the Golden Horn Coast. At the moment it is on the Board of Monuments and I think it will end like 2019. In 2017 there is also the metro project to be put into service. It goes from Bagcilar to Besiktas and passes through our borders, Alibeykoy. There are two more subway projects except IMM. The projects are currently being done. There is a tram project coming from Fatih and going to Eyüp, Rami, Gaziosmanpaşa direction and going to Kağıthane-Eyüp metro work and from Bayrampaşa fast tram to the rear of Eyüp-Feshane. IMM works on them, to be completed in the process. These are gradual but when each one comes in, Eyüp will be very comfortable in terms of transportation. The two-storey tunnel, announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, will be removed from Hasdal, on the border of Eyüp. In the next few years, I believe that Job will come to a very good point in transportation. Ön
“We do very serious help to schools. For example, we provide stationery assistance to primary school children. We started school competitions, from chess to volleyball, from handball to branches. We started traditional Turkish games and competitions in all schools. Burns ball, handkerchiefs, hops. We have repaired and maintained all schools. We gave high school senior year last year and this year we will give cash assistance to university preparation. These are the benefits of our project called Simurg. We offer academic and academic trainings and conferences to the youth after university and university. The purpose of all this is to leave the youth and the students free. This is an effort to address them with positive things. We aimed to bring these young people together with sports, art and culture. Let us bring together these energies in these media, other negative areas do not turn to.
Ğu From Eyüp Sultan to Mevlânâ Vuslat Journey, which I see as one of my vision activities, I met thousands of Eyüplüyü Mevlânâ last year with Mevlânâ. At the same time, the project is the first cultural trip with High Speed ​​Train and 10 is modeled by the municipality. Launched in March, 2015 11 bin 636 Eyüplü met with Mevlana in Konya. During the summer, the project also carried out 138 in total with the High Speed ​​Train. Yaz
De The savings of the Golden Horn are more at the IMM. As the center of the county we do not have much of a task, but we have suggestions. We are going to do this in the sense of tourism and we have to strengthen the Eyup. We created the infrastructure of this in two years, there will be very high quality hotels in the next process. We have said that we will be reviving the water sports in the Golden Horn and founded the Golden Horn Water Sports Club and I am one of the founders. There are around 500 students studying. I am sending my child to the rowing and sailing. Ve
Esi Our challenge project is the project of the century. It will take a long process, but the re-organization of the historic square, transportation, infrastructure, tunnels, stadium status, coast road etc. This project is very important to me. We'll start and end this period, but it will be a long process. Bu

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