Visitor record was broken in Erciyes

The visitor record was broken in Erciyes: The weekend visitor record was broken in Erciyes, one of the most important winter sports centers in the world. About 80 thousand people visited Erciyes at the weekend. The Jump Freeze event held on Sunday also enlivened Erciyes.

Erciyes, which has become a worldwide tourism center with the investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality, pays back for the investments made. On Saturday and Sunday, approximately 80 thousand people visited Erciyes Ski Center from Kayseri and outside Kayseri. Tens of thousands of people enjoyed using the facilities to ski on different slopes. Many people also had a nice weekend by making use of social facilities in Erciyes or having a picnic.

Parking lots are completely filled in Erciyes Ski Center where heavy vehicle traffic is experienced. The number of visitors in 2 days together with picnics reached 80 thousand.

The Red Bull Jump Freeze event held in Erciyes on Sunday also attracted the attention of the visitors. Develi Kapi A private pool was built for the Red Bull Jump Freeze event held at Magna Apex Playground, and the pool was filled with about 200 tons of water.

Participants in the competition jumped into a pool filled with ice-cold water. to competitors; Atiye, Ece Vahapoğlu, Şahika Ercümen, Poison, Deniz Özgün, Özlem Süer, Simge Fıstıkoğlu, Çiçek Güney, Memet Yayla, Mehmet Güney, Bilge Öztürk and Kemal Pekser were given points by famous jury members. He determined the points of the jury, the costume selection, the jump performance and the audience's response.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik wife Iqbal Steel and his family followed the competition with the competition. 32 team struggled in the competition with the most creative performance Sheikh Rider costume Umut Öğüncü the first, Red Kit, the second place won the contest winner of the Hulk costume. The best costume award was given to Gökhan Karaköse, İbrahim Özdel and Dinçer Sertkaya with the Stone Age concept. Governor Orhan Düzgün, Mayor Mustafa Çelik and Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı gave.