Great Revision to Eleşkirt Güneykaya Ski Center

Eleşkirt Güneykaya Ski Center Big Revision: Pain Governor Musa Isin and his accompanying delegation to make examinations last Wednesday Eleşkirt Güneykaya Ski Center, a comprehensive revision is planned to be opened next year.

Sports on the subject of the General Directorate of Facilities Department has the telesel and telesij expert Hasan robust with the Turkey Ski Federation Head of Technical Staff Mustafa Scott, Deputy Governor and the Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Sedat Inci had a meeting visited.

Road map spoken

Eleşkirt Güneykaya Ski Center, which has long been idle, was re-activated and a roadmap was discussed about the work.

Eleşkirt District Governor Abdülkadir Okay and Deputy Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Ramazan Adsay attended the meeting, the situation of the ski resort, technical and legal specifications, zoning, the energy of the ski facility, detailed information about the cost and the land was introduced.

Güneykaya Ski Center will stand up again

After the revision works of the Güneykaya Ski Center, the Deputy Governor and Secretary General Sedat İnci said that they would make positive contributions to the development of the region.

In our province, where winter tourism has a potential value, the lack of a ski resort or the idle facility of our facility could not be in question.

We are very eager and excited to reopen the current South Ski Resort.

We will work with national or international companies to make our facility a high quality and modern facility.

Ağrı needs large and high quality projects. We will take our steps in accordance with the necessary technical information of our colleagues who are relevant and specialized in their fields. I hope it will be good. İn

Studies begin in June

City after meeting in private Administration Güneykaya located in the Ski Center in the field of research and Sports General Directorate of Facilities Department of the telesel and telesij expert Hasan robust with Turkey Ski Federation Presidency of the Technical Staff Mustafa Sağlam, the plant, which will be held that it would be appropriate to national ski racing.

Hasan Sağlam, who is interested in the technical part of the plant business, said: ilgilenen In accordance with the governorship instructions, a facility will be constructed in the first degree.

I'd say it's going to be quite modern. If the ski resort is finished, it will be an important option to stay in Ağrı. Kayak

The facility, which will have a thousand 600-meter chairlift, medium and hard tracks, hotel, cafeteria, outdoor car park and social activity areas, will start in June. It will be the 3 track of the facility, which will be the stopover point for ski lovers.

The average length of the 40 meter-wide runways will reach approximately 5 thousand meters.

Region to be afforested

After the end of the ski resort 40 km away from the city center will be afforested by storm and wind.

The ski resort is thought to have a serious impact on the socio-cultural structure of the region after the revision stages

Speaking about the project, Elaşkirt District Governor Abdülkadir Okay said, ir A big project for our district and our province. It will be a study that will mobilize the development of the entire region.

The university will be a place for our students, young people and people coming out of the province. We will do our thoughts on, Üzer he said.

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