Electricity Cut Off Electronic Fare Collection System Does Not Work

Electricity was cut, electronic fee collection system did not work: President Kocaoğlu cut the invoice for the failure of the electronic fee collection system in İzmir at the weekend. The question of “Will the system fail during every power failure” came to mind

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the malfunction in the electronic fare collection system, which provided the charge for buses, metro, ferries and İZBAN boardings last weekend, was caused by "power cuts". The crisis experienced in the electronic fee collection system was marked by the first session of February held under the presidency of the Metropolitan Municipality Council.


Citizens who wanted to get on the bus, metro, ferry and İZBAN trains early in the morning could not fill their cards due to system failure and long queues were formed. In order to prevent victimization, the Metropolitan Municipality allowed citizens who do not have sufficient balance in İzmirimCards until they get free of public transportation. At the parliamentary meeting held the previous day, AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Doğan asked President Kocaoğlu about the malfunction in the system. Doğan said, “What is the damage caused by the 2-day failure? The system, which has been running smoothly for 16 years, has been letting our citizens down for a long time. To whom will the invoice of the damage occurred in the last 2 days be issued? Is it caused by the contractor company or ESHOT's inability to do this job? ” said. Also, asking that 6 liras, which are taken as a transportation card in Istanbul, was returned as a result of the lawsuits filed and whether a similar application will be made in İzmir, Doğan said, “We want the card money to be loaded as a balance”.


President Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the malfunction in the smart wage collection system was caused by power cuts and said: “There was a power cut in TEDAŞ. Then our generator came into play. There is a problem due to power cut. There was such a problem for 2 days. I wish to live, I wish it did not happen. Who wants this? None of this conversation will remain tomorrow. The works we left will remain. The works we do together will remain, joint projects will remain. İZBAN project received an award in the world. Izmir Geothermal Inc. became a giant. We must support each other in such studies. There will be opposition in small things, but support in the permits we will obtain from Ankara. ” While this surprising explanation brings to mind the question 'Will this system be disabled in every power failure', it was a matter of curiosity who will be covered by the public damage caused by free boardings in the 2-day period.

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