Durhasan village residents' rebellion

Durhasan Village residents of the rebellion of transport: Durhasan Village residents 4 wants to get back their municipal vehicles taken years ago. The residents of the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation did not find a solution to their problems.
Residents of Durhansan Village, one of the villages close to IZAYDAŞ in Izmit, want the municipal vehicles that were removed from the villages 4 years ago as part of the high-speed train project. Residents of the village for a long time, even though they do not get a result despite the authorities authorized to move to the Metropolitan Municipality within the fair, went to the Department of Public Transport.
A delegation formed within the crowds of the peasants met with Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transport Department of the Metropolitan Municipality in his office. The villagers reacted to the conclusion of the interview. The villagers who delivered their petitions to the authorities made a statement later.
Durhasan Mosque Association President Fatih Ay, yıl as residents of Durhasan Village 4 years ago, the fastest train project within the scope of municipal vehicles removed. Esener Cooperative started to transport us. Long-term residents of the village have great difficulties in transportation. Our people are not going anywhere because of the full range of vehicles. We are the people of this country. We have submitted our petitions to the authorities but no result was obtained. We want our municipal vehicles back ”he said.



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