Intense Interest in Bitliste Ski Centers

Intense interest in the ski resorts in Bitlist: As the snow thickness reached the desired level in the Eastern Anatolia Region, the interest in ski resorts increased.

Citizens, who know the opportunity to have a weekend and a half-term holiday in Bitlis, flocked to the Kardelen Ski Center. Especially the students trying to enjoy the holidays, while having fun with their hearts while skiing, some citizens shifting the wheels with the inner tubes, created colorful images.

Stating that the density of the ski center is experienced with the snow thickness reaching the desired level, Kardelen Ski Center Manager Faruk Sinoğlu said that the density increased even more at the weekend. Stating that participation in the ski center from the surrounding provinces, Sinoğlu said, “Our ski lovers from the surrounding provinces are coming to our flock center. We have a hotel with about 40 beds and 2 ski houses. In our center where our 400-capacity cafeteria is located, we also offer clothing and ski team service to our ski lovers. ”

Sinoğlu noted that the facility has a 2-meter fixed-terminal chairlift system and said that the system has the capacity to carry thousand people per hour. Adding that they have created separate tracks for children, novices, women and professionals according to the difficulty level at the facility, Sinoğlu said, “We try to serve better by renewing ourselves every year. Hopefully our ski center will reach the places it deserves. In this context, we would like to thank Bitlis Governorship for their support from us ”.