63 Million TL Investment from Diyarbakır Metropolitan

An investment of 63 Million TL in Transportation from Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality increased its public transportation service capacity by purchasing 59 buses, 69 of which are natural gas, for a clean, comfortable and accessible transportation service last year. The municipality, which will implement the Smart Intersection System and Traffic Training Center this year, is in talks for the Light Rail System.
Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation increased its public transport service capacity by purchasing 59 buses, 69 of which are natural gas, for clean, comfortable and accessible transportation services last year. Hikmet Altuğ, Head of Transportation Department, evaluated the work they carried out last year and the work to be carried out in 2016.
Emphasizing that transportation services were provided in an area of ​​20 kilometers in the city center before, Altuğ pointed out that services were started in 2014 districts with the Metropolitan Law that came into force in April 17.
For this reason, the number of vehicles was increased and 59 public transportation vehicles, 10 of which are natural gas and 69 powered by diesel, were purchased for an environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable and cheap public transportation service, and thus the number of buses was increased to 169. Stating that the Natural Gas Filling Station was built in order to meet the gas needs of natural gas buses, the vehicles purchased were used on new routes and districts, Altuğ stated that service was provided with 129 vehicles in the city and 37 vehicles in rural districts.
3 bin 500 units and traffic signs
Stating that last year, very serious studies were carried out on the regulation of urban traffic, Altuğ said: “Approximately 3 traffic and direction signs of L, U, T type were produced. These signs were placed at the required crossroads of the city center. With the signs erected, those who were watching traffic could easily reach the places they wanted. "
We've installed radars
Alongside the plates, the 300 kilometer, which is called as horizontally, was taken from the pedestrian crossing, deceleration and profile jump lines. Altuğ stated that radars were placed at 8 point in order to reduce the speed limit and prevent possible accidents. Altuğ said that these radars have greatly reduced the speed limit in traffic.
720 is entering the parking garage service for cars
Altuğ pointed out that there are serious problems with parking in the city. Altuğ said, “We built a parking garage for 720 vehicles in the area known as the Old Maternity Hospital. This parking garage will be in service soon. This car park is a 4-storey, empty and full parking system different from the previous ones. This parking lot will serve in Şeyh Sait Square, which is called the commercial center of the city. Thus, it will meet the need for parking in that area ”.
3 bin 500 pieces multi-lingual traffic sign planted in rural neighborhood roads
Noting that 3 Turkish and Kurdish signs were erected on the village roads that were transformed into neighborhoods with the Metropolitan Law, Altuğ stated that this work took about 500 months.
Stating that the signs were erected at the entrances of the neighborhood or on group roads, Altuğ said: “In 2015, we conducted public transportation closed stops in 7 districts. The same work will be done in the remaining 6 districts in the near future. Also, 44 ​​docking stops (bus pockets) were built last year. "
Smart junction application at 67 point
Altug stated that they had invested 63 million liras in transportation service last year. Altug, with this system to monitor the intersections of cameras, signaling will be directed, traffic density will be minimized. Smart junction system with a total of how many vehicles at the junction passing and the city's traffic intensity hours can be determined Altuğ, intelligent junction system with the road superiority of the ambulance and fire brigade to reach the light before the 2016 meters to detect before the transition will provide. Altug, Traffic Training Center will be established, the center will benefit from children, he said.
New bike path will be planned for the 25 kilometer
In the 2016, the new bike path will be planned for the 25 kilometer Altug, parallel to these roads will be placed bike stops, he said.
The search for the rail system will continue
Reminding that the work on the rail system will continue, Altuğ added that the search for credit by the municipal administration for the rail system continues, and that if the project passes the State Planning Organization, they will start work.

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