District Governor Rewarded Successful Students in Teog with Ski Trip

The District Governor Awarded Successful Students in Teog with a Ski Trip: Students who were successful in the Transition from Basic Education to Secondary Education (TEOG) Exam in Arpaçay were rewarded with a ski trip.

Arpaçay District Governor Lokman Önder awarded the successful students in the TEOG exam and sent them to Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center.

16 successful students, who took a two-day holiday at Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center, had the pleasure of skiing with their teachers Feyzullah Oy and Çağla Önenç during the day and got away from the stress of exams with live music in the evening.

During the two-day holidays, the students did not leave alone and visited at the hotel.

Arpaçay Governor Lokman Önder stated that they organized an event in order to increase the morale and motivation of the students entering the rankings by showing the success in the district and to be instrumental in the beautiful memories they will remember in their future lives. In the second semester, he wished success to all students.

On the other hand, students who took a two-day holiday at Ardahan Yalnızçam Ski Center did bolo skiing. They found the opportunity to have fun by traveling with horse sleighs.

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