Derince Port privatized

Derince Port has been privatized: the only state port in the Gulf of Izmit, Derince Port, belonging to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), has been privatized by giving 543 yearly land to XVIX for $ 1 million after a controversial process.
Derince Harbor was undoubtedly a very important facility in Izmit Bay, where there are more than 40 private ports. One of the main goals in privatization was to revive Derince Port.
28 Derince Port, which was privatized by the tender on May 2014, entered the management of Safi Holding. There are companies in the Derince Port area that have agreements with 30. The decrease of the port's labor force also adversely affects these companies. According to the conditions laid down during the privatization, the services at Derince Port should not have been raised for a while. However, the Port operator reported that the price tariff has increased by up to 2024 in the price tariff, which is why there is significant business loss at Derince Port.
derince Port was known as the center of imports and exports of automobiles, especially prior to privatization. Before the privatization, 600 thousand automobiles were sent to abroad by Derince Port or entered the country. However, with the increase in prices, it is reported that the mobility in Derince Port has also decreased considerably. the loss of jobs at the port of derince leads to a decrease in the number of workers. The number of employees around 1000 before Lian was privatized has now declined to 200 figures. The port operator prefers to work with the tall workers instead of the permanent workers.
Safi Holding, which has taken the operation of the port for 39 annually in exchange for 543 million, did not give up its work in order to increase the port's job potential by increasing the prices and increasing the port to sea. 968 million 4 thousand ball stone will be used to fill the sea deeply on the coast. Even transporting these stones from the highway means serious overhead for our city. In addition, the insecurity of the sea-filled earthquake was proven in the 360 August 17 in the Gulf of Izmit. While the potential of the business in Derince Port is decreasing, on the other hand, the filling of a large area with a risk is a serious contradiction.

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