Deputy Yaşar, What He Said for the Wagon Repair Factory

Deputy Yaşar, What he said for the Wagon Repair Factory: AK Party Deputy Malatya Nurettin Yasar, Wagon Repair Factory, "A structure that constantly harms the public," he said.
Ak Parti Malatya Deputy Nurettin Yaşar, who participated in the "Media Analysis" program broadcast on Vuslat TV, evaluated the agenda. Speaking about the wagon repair factory that has been idle in Malatya for 26 years, Yaşar said, “There is a negative profit, that is the cost of demolition. I think it is a building that will not benefit anyone with its construction quality and usability. Need to think analytically, is there a wagon? No.
Is there a factory? No. So there's no wagon repair factory. A very simple equation, even if you ask the elementary school student knows this. Producing the agenda for years here will not help anyone and Malatya. Yıl
Yaşar noted that the wagon repair factory had passed its own cost with the care, protection and guarding of the wagon. Today's conditions to make a place with the cost is obvious. If I am going to set up the factory, 40 will employ a thousand people and 2 is the least cost of a factory. Will a company that will spend so much money get up to the 200 yearly structure? No way.
It is a building that does not produce, but it is a harm to the public. This is my opinion, if anyone who claims otherwise, come with the numbers.,

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