30 in Marriage at Denizli Teleferic Facilities. Year Celebration

30 in Marriage at Denizli Teleferic Facilities. Year Celebration: Sarayköy Municipality has prepared a very special and different program for the couples who started the same pillow for 30 years. The couples will celebrate the 14 February Valentine's Day at Denizli Teleferik Facility.

Sarayköy Municipality prepared a special celebration program for 14 February Valentine's Day. 30 in Sarayköy. All the couples will be hosted at Denizli Teleferik which has a different natural beauty with snowfall throughout the week.

Sarayköy Mayor Ahmet Necati Özbaş said in a statement on the subject, that love should be a lifetime but not a one-day life. Sev 30 meets the ropeways with yearly loves, giler said Özbaş, who invited the couples to the program they prepared.

. We wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day to all our citizens who have taught us the beauty and warmness of the concept of family, respectfully and with love, challenging all kinds of difficulties, sharing the pain, sweetness, joy and grief over the shoulder. For this purpose, we have organized this program for all our citizens who live in a pillow. That's why 30 in their marriage. We will host all our citizens who have completed their year in Teleferik. We're going to have a great day together. Birlikte

Özbaş stated that there will be various refreshments and surprises in the trips which will continue throughout the week with the vehicles allocated by Sarayköy Municipality. We are also contacting our neighborhood headmen. We will reach our citizens who cannot reach us. I hope it will be a beautiful moment for everyone. İn

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