Denizli Teleferik will work in the evenings

Denizli Teleferik will work in the evenings: The time of the cable car service for the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's Bağbaşı Plateau has been extended. The new application will be passed from 1 March.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year opened the service in October, between the Kent Forest and Bağbaşı Plateau in the line between the weather, the air time with the warm-up of the time was re-arranged. In the cable car, where the citizens have shown great interest especially at the end of the week, 1 will start at 10.00 in the morning and end at 23.00 in the morning. On weekends, flights will be held between 09.00-23.00 hours.

With the new arrangement, the people of Denizli will have the opportunity to observe the city from Bagbasi Plateau, while in the event of reservation, breakfast will be served in the facilities were recorded.

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