Great interest in Denizli Snow Festival

Great interest in Denizli Snow Festival: Thousands of people who participated in the Denizli Snow Festival organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality enjoyed their hearts.

Thousands of people participated in the Denizli Snow Festival organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

One of the important investments of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was the enthusiasm of Snow Festival in Denizli Ski Center. 2 thousand 420 meter altitude in the district of Tavas Nikfer Bozdag held in the neighborhood of thousands of citizens flocked to the festival. Since the morning, the citizens showed great interest in the festival held in the center in various categories of skiing and toboggan competitions were held.

In the event, tea and tarhana soup specific to the region were served by the Metropolitan Municipality and mechanical facilities were offered free of charge to the citizens. While the locals had the opportunity to see the magnificent scenery from the summit of Bozdağ with the chairlift, amateur and professional skiers made climbing with the chairlift.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's first day of service this year, unity facility was the first shelter of the cold cold citizens. Guests who enjoyed warming up and drinking their hot drinks for a while enjoyed the Denizli Ski Center covered with white covers. Amateur and professional skiers participated in the festival, which was the scene of intensive ski and sled competitions. The awards were given by the members of the protocol to the winners of the competitions organized in various categories.

Citizens participating in the snow festival expressed their satisfaction with the festival.

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