Snow Snowballers Didn't Effect

Decreasing Snow in Uludağ Did Not Affect The Vacationers: Although the snow thickness has dropped to 82 centimeters, the interest of vacationers continues to Uludağ, one of the important ski and winter tourism centers.

According to the data of Bursa Meteorology Directorate, in Uludağ, where the air temperatures are measured as the lowest 8 and the highest 11 degrees, the snow thickness in the "hotel zone" has decreased to 82 centimeters.

Despite the absence of the weekend and the low snow level, holidaymakers showed interest in Uludağ. Visitors occasionally had difficulty skiing as the snow began to melt and the ground floor appeared beneath the slopes.

It was reported that snowfall is not expected until February 19 in the region and the air temperature is expected to be around 10 degrees.