The passwords of urban growth

Passwords of urban growth: Yesterday, in order to reach the population of 2023 thousand people in 400 Çorum'ın a growth strategy X should be determined and the total should be locked to this target. The city of Corum had exceeded a threshold with the population of 250.464, but it had to go a long way for ”fast“ and tı qualified ği growth.
In order to overcome the economic troubles through acak growth Ç and to overcome stagnation, a new city vision and large investments to open the way for Çorum were needed. One of these is the Shopping and Living Center, organized by Ahlatcı Group. Again, the municipality's investment portfolio includes large park and square projects that the city needs.
The ”high-speed train“ and tren airport “are the most important priorities for Çorum to grow. The high-speed train project - not very fast. As for the airport, Governor Ahmet Kara opened a new horizon. For many years, y no on our agenda ile called Çorum 's unfinished airport was hoping that the airport could be finished.
Çorum has been represented in professional football leagues since 1967. Now Çorumspor'un Corum Belediyespor, the third league from the second league is giving the struggle. Corum's sporty able to take the place it deserves in terms of Turkey's agenda, in order to accommodate large teams and their fans, forced removal of up to Super League Belediyespor gradually.
One of the ları must-have söz projects in terms of the big city vision is the huge fine art complex, which will have two grand halls, galleries and art workshops, one of which is the 1.000, one with 500. Another necessity in the name of Çorum, the Hittite civilization capital to effectively launch the publicity of the advertising and organizations to be realized, to reach the conclusion. Making Çorum one of the centers of cultural tourism like Cappadocia.


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