Chronology of train accidents in Germany

The chronology of train accidents in Germany: In Germany, the train journey is generally considered safe. Accidents such as deaths in Eschede and Bavaria, where there are many casualties, are rare. Here's the chronology of train accidents.
August 2014: A freight train collides with a 250-passenger Eurocity train in Mannheim. Two wagons were overturned. 35 people were injured in the accident. The machinist of the freight train had not seen the stop signal.
September 2012: An Intercity train derails as it leaves Stuttgart Train Station. Eight people were injured in the accident. In June of the same year, an Intercity train derailed in the same place. KazanThe reason was explained as a malfunction in the wagons.
April 2012: A regional train collides with another train in Offenbach. 3 people died and 13 were injured.
January 2012: A regional train in North Frizonia is overturned while trying not to hit the cattle herd. A passenger died.
September 2011: An Intercity train carrying 800 passengers due to heavy rubble piles on the tracks due to heavy rain. Off the rails in Goar. 15 people were injured.
January 2011: In the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the 10 people were killed when a passenger train collided with the freight train. A mechanic missed two stop signs.
October 2009: Two historical trains collide at the ceremony held on the 125th anniversary of the start of train services in the city of Lößnitz. 52 people were injured, four of them seriously.
April 2008: A high-speed ICE train hit a flock of sheep in Fulda and partially derailed. 73 people were injured in the incident.
June 2003: Two regional trains collide in Schrozberg, Baden-Württemberg. 6 people died.
February 2000: A night-expressing train to Amsterdam-Basel in Brühl came out of the tracks. Balance Sheet: 9 dead, 149 injured.
June 1998: When one of the wheels of an ICE train broke in Eschede, Lower Saxony, the train crashed into a bridge at 200 miles per hour. The wagons were scattered around. 101 people died in the accident.

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