BURULAŞ prepares flights from Bursa to Aegean Sea

BURULAS is preparing to travel by sea plane from Bursa to Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has strengthened its air transportation fleet with the newly acquired Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian type aircraft from the USA. 12 passenger capacity aircraft, which continues the process of landing of floats, will come to Bursa in the coming days and start flights. So BURULAŞ, 3ü denize inip kalkabilen 4 uçaklık filoya sahip olacak. Uçak sayısını artıran BURULAŞ`s, in the summer of the Aegean` s holiday regions began to carry out preparations for the passenger announced.
BURULAŞ, which started scheduled flights to 3 years ago between Istanbul Haliç and Bursa Gemlik, added a new seaplane to its fleet consisting of 2 sea and 1 land plane. The production of the Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian type aircraft, which BURULAŞ bought from the USA, was completed and the installation process of the floats providing the descent to the sea started. As soon as the aircraft flies through the air will be brought to Turkey, making customs clearance, will be taken into service. The new aircraft is reported to carry more 8 passengers than aircraft that are currently on board and capable of carrying 4 passengers.
In the meantime, with the completion of the necessary infrastructure works 26, the seaplane, which started flights from Gemlik again with the winter schedule in January, is preparing for the summer season. Requests for summer season
BURULAŞ officials who have started to be evaluated, will add flights to the network of new points. BURULAS said in a statement, especially in the Aegean region of Cesme, holiday destinations, Bodrum, Bozcaada, Gökçeada, Ayvalık and Izmir, such as the ongoing investigation of destinations and will take place in the summer schedule said.



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