BURULAŞ Strengthens Aviation Power

BURULAŞ adds strength to Aviation Power: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company BURULAŞ continues to add strength to its power every day.
BURULAŞ Aviation, as a first in Turkey, 3 years ago started scheduled seaplane flights. BURULAŞ added a new seaplane to its fleet consisting of two seaports and a land plane. The new seaplane was completed and the float launching process started. As soon as possible, by flying through the airplane, customs clearance procedures will be taken into service. In addition, flights to İstanbul-Bursa in the direction of Istanbul-Bursa have been completed since the completion of the necessary infrastructure works from 26 January 2016. The seaplane winter tariff was put into practice with the half-year break and the demands for the summer season began to be evaluated. New destinations will join the transport network in accordance with the demands of cooperation between both passengers and municipalities. According to the statement made by BURULAS, especially in the Aegean region of the holiday resorts, Bodrum, Bozcaada, Gökçeada, Ayvalik and Izmir, such as the investigation of the destination and summer tariffs will continue to take place in the examinations were expressed. Citizens, timetable and detailed information: fly.burulas.com.tr, 444 99 16 Call center.

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