Plane production starts in Bursa

Aircraft production begins in Bursa: Bursa industry, which produces Turkish trams with the manipulation and encouragement of the Mayor of Bursa Megakent, Recep Altepe, immediately begins aircraft production.
While B Plas, which is associated with one of the leading companies of Bursa industry, Gökçen Family, purchased the German aircraft company AQUILA, the Mayor of Megakent, Recep Altepe, who was included in the signature ceremony held in Germany, gave an important and meaningful basis for production by ordering 3 aircraft. happened.
Another important move was taken that will immediately turn Bursa, which attracts attention with its domestic tram production, into an aviation base. With its 250-year history, innovative and technological face, the insistence of the Mayor of Megakent Recep Altepe, who has been in talks for a time for B Plas, which is associated with the Gökçen Family, one of the leading companies of the Bursa industry, to take an active role in the aviation market has yielded results. B Plas purchased the German aircraft company AQUILA (eagle).
Bursa Megakent Mayor Recep Altepe, who was included in the signature ceremony held in the factory in Berlin, Germany, informed that with this historical signature, Bursa will be the base of the aviation market, which is the second major aim after the Turkish tram manufacturing. President Altepe, who guided the B Plas Company for the start of the aviation market similar to Turkish made tram manufacturing, gave an important and meaningful support by ordering 2 planes. After the presentation, Mayor Altepe visited the facilities and examined the planes and stated that they signed a historical contract instead of Bursa. Stating that Bursa has now entered the aviation sector with B Plas with their guidance and accompanying, Mayor Altepe said, “Germany's experienced company AQUILA is now in the Gökçen series. We have also witnessed this wonderful event. As Bursa, our goal is to produce advanced information, high-added products at all times. To ensure the production of cars made in Turkey. We want to be the driving force in Turkey, which aims in this direction, "he said.
Native tram then again a first in Turkish goods they had taken the first important step for the aircraft manufacturer said President Altepe in Turkey, "Science and Informatics Center Aerospace Unit, UU We perform all investment for the establishment of the Aviation School. It was left to enter this sector immediately and produce. Aircraft production begins as a result of our 1 .5 years of research. Bursa will be the city that produces the first Turkish aircraft. I would like to thank B Plas and Gökçen family. I wish it to be good. We will always be their biggest supporters. Aviation will revive in Bursa. "We will make every effort to make Bursa an aviation base at high speed, first of all, training units."
Explaining that he was very happy with the contract made, Mehmet Celal Gökçen, CEO of B Plas, the innovative and leading institution of Bursa regarding automotive sub-industry and plastic technologies, drew attention to the fact that they will carry this important opportunity to an important point with the experience of B Plas. Gökçen thanked the Mayor of Megakent, Recep Altepe, for offering them this opportunity by showing the great effort he made in the production of Turkish trams for the production of aircraft. Gökçen said, “We have made a move to this business, which we think will be in harmony with our B Plas R&D, design and production development center. We have important works we do in the automotive market, especially regarding composite and plastic. I think that we can improve ourselves in this sector with this experience and know-how. We will rise from Bursa as a very successful company in the aviation market. AQUILA is now the Turkish eagle, which means 'eagle' in Italian. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and supported. I wish good luck to our Bursa and country ”.
The German AQUILA Aircraft Company, which started its activities in 1995, draws attention with its design, production, service and spare parts opportunities with its numerous international authorization certifications. Having a special design in the sector, AQUILA is a brand that attracts attention with its economic, high performance and durability-like features. While the maintenance costs of other aircraft companies are at the level of 6 thousand Euros after 25 thousand hours of flight, this cost decreases to 4 thousand Euros in AQUILA. Offering the privilege of flying with 95 octave normal gasoline at a very low cost, AQUILA can also operate with aircraft gas on request. AQUILA is the first brand preferred by pilots for training, being the first of British Air Force pilots, which can land at the same time of take-off at 450 meters. At the same time, AQUILA, which provides maintenance and service to other brand aircraft, has certification powers accepted in the UNITED STATES, EU and Australia.



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