Found 7-year-old boy from the sound of gendarme crying in Bursa Uludağ

Gendarmerie found the 7-year-old boy in Bursa Uludağ from the crying voice: In Bursa Uludağ, the child who was surprised by the extreme fog disappeared. The gendarmerie found the little boy about to freeze.

While skiing with his family in Bursa, Uludağ, the 7-year-old DK disappeared. Gendarmerie Search and Rescue, 15 and 8 snow engine with a distance of a few meters of the visibility of the search launched in the region.

Teams in the area to prevent noise in the region did not run the ski lifts on the slopes stopped for a while. The gendarmerie teams heard the sound of crying in the search for about 1 hours and found the youngest child in the Tepe Region, where the snow thickness reached 160 cm.


Gendarmerie teams made the first health intervention to the child, who was determined to be frozen due to the fact that the air temperature dropped to zero degrees.


The skiing area in Erzurum's Palandöken Ski Center Ö forbidden zone mer, Abdülselam Çiloğlu, Ömer Çakır and Konuray Taşköprülü caused an avalanche. Taşköprülü and Çiloğlu, who could not escape the avalanche, remained under the snow. Ömer Çakır intercepted Taşköprülü next to him and pulled his head out of the snow to breathe.

Cakir, on the other hand, called the 156 Gendarmerie and asked for help. The teams reached Abdülselam Çiloğlu in the snow, which was about 10 minutes and took them out. Authorities, "Thank God there is no loss of life," he said.