Bursa is Turkey's pride in rail production (Video)

Bursa is Turkey's pride in rail production: three years ago Bursa Metropolitan Municipality counseling rail vehicles started production Durmazlar The company, which produces rail vehicles that bringing Turkey into one of the 6 countries, as well as high-speed trains to tram and metro cars to the production equipment was the pride of Turkey. Mayor Recep Altepe continues to produce trams and subway wagons to be used in Bursa. Durmazlar Visited the local production subway wagons on site. Mayor Altepe, Durmazlar's rail system vehicles in a short time in Europe has become one of the most modern and equipped factories, said the vehicles produced here will soon appear in the European streets, he said.
In order to make Bursa a healthier and more livable city, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made exemplary investments in all areas from infrastructure to transportation, from historical heritage to environment, has also started to reap the fruits of the steps taken by the technology and design-based industry. Metropolitan Municipality in consultation with 3 years ago, producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar The factory has become one of the most equipped and modern factories in Europe with the production of metro wagons of the Metropolitan Municipality and production of some equipment of high speed trains.
Will show in Europe
While the production of the subway wagons to be used in Bursa's rail system network continues rapidly, Mayor Recep Altepe, Durmazlar He visited the factory with the Holding's Board Minister Hüseyin Durmaz. Investigating the production of subway wagons onsite, Altepe visited the new wagons and received information from the authorities. On the one hand, while knitting Bursa with the rail system network, on the other hand expressing that the production of trams and subway wagons is continuing rapidly, Mayor Altepe said, Durmazlar The factory became one of the most modern, most equipped factories in Europe. Vehicles are produced above the world average. The advantages of costs are reflected to quality and the world's best quality vehicles are produced in Bursa. Tram wagons are being built on one hand, while metro cabins are being built here. With its versatile manufacturing and installation, the final system of 4-4 has become a factory. This place was both the pride of Turkey in Bursa. vehicles produced here soon in different cities of Turkey, especially Istanbul and Samsun, and I hope it will show up in European streets. I congratulate all the officials who have brought Bursa one step forward in this field. ”



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