Uninterrupted transport in Istanbul's Istanbul street

Uninterrupted access to the Istanbul street of Bursa: While the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa was preparing to connect the City Square to the Terminal with the rail system on the one hand, on the other hand, they started to take the road for the intersection to Beşyol to prevent the interruption of both tram and vehicle traffic. The first stage of the project in the tender stage of the 30-meter road bridge to connect with the Küçükbalıklı Neighborhood, the completion of the expropriation of the return arms of the junction will be made.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, on the one hand the rail system on the one hand will be completely changed the face of urban transformation on the Istanbul Street, the traffic is designed for the continuous operation of the Beşyol Junction will be eliminated with a more important problem, he said. In line with the goal of knitting Bursa with iron nets, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has started the project taraf Kent Square - Terminal T9.4 Büyük tram line with 11 kilometers of 2 kilometers, accelerated the bridge and intersection arrangements on the route in order to prevent interruption of rail transportation. The intersection project planned to be built at the intersection point of Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard with İstanbul Street will be at the tender stage and Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı's connection to Küçükbalıklı Neighborhood will also be ensured. Küçükbalıklı, Çiftehavuzlar, Altınova and Fatih neighborhoods will be connected by bridges and with the completion of the expropriations later, the clover sections of the junction will be completed.
Seamless transportation.
Mayor Recep Altepe, rail system, urban transformation, bridge and intersection with the production of Istanbul Street will be completely changed the way, he said. Altin, who is known as the 30-meter road and will be up to 40 meters in practice, will be the first bridge to the east of the Istanbul road. Un We are bringing a visual project to Istanbul Street with rail system, urban transformation, bridge and intersection manufacturing. We have prepared an intersection project in Beşyol region in order not to interrupt the rail system works. In the first stage of the bridge will continue with Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı'nın continued, while on the one hand the rail system work will continue uninterrupted. In the meantime, there will be no problem in the turns of the bridge. Then, as the expropriations are completed, the clover sections of the intersection will be completed. Already get good Bursa '' he said.

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