Bombardier Launches Thousand 430 Workers in Germany

Bombardier, Thousand 430 workers in Germany: Canada-based aircraft and train manufacturer Bombardier, 2 7 thousand people in the year, the work force will reduce the global gave.
In Germany, where the estimated 10 thousand workers are employed, a thousand 430 employees will be dismissed.
The company management announced that there is a slowdown in airspace programs, so they will try to adjust the workload according to the demands. In Germany Bombardier near Berlin, Hennigsdorf, Görlitz, Bautzen, Kassel and Mannheim are similar centers.
Laurre Troger, the CEO of Bombardier Transportation, has announced that it will not be completely closed down. The company, which has been working in the development and production of ICE-2017 trains, which is expected to be prepared in 4, will replace the dismissed employees with workers for a certain period of time.
Outside Germany, the Canadian company aims to reduce employment in access departments in Canada and Europe. The company is planning to adjust employment according to the demands coming from the markets. In the last quarter of last year, Bombardier's sales were down by an estimated 5 of $ 1 billion. Siemens, which is Bombardier's rivals, and Airbus are expecting 16,5 billion and 17,5 billion dollars sales and estimated 200 and 400 million dollars profit for this year. But this figure is less than for companies of this size. The total number of labor force is expected to reduce the estimated number of 10 to work in the new C-series air vehicles program will be employed to work.
The Bombardier administration considers the C-series, which is predicted to cost 250 and 300 million dollars, as the biggest hope for the company to become more profitable. Among those who will be dismissed, there are 2 thousand contracted employees, while the company is 64 thousand employees globally.

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