Bomb alarm at Metro, Metrobus and Marmaray stops

Bomb alarm at Metro, Metrobüs and Marmaray stations: Istanbul Police Department sent a warning letter on 22 February 2016 with the signature of Ahmet Turanlı, Deputy Chief Police Officer in charge of Intelligence Branch.
Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Security sent a letter, some public transportation stops may be attacked by specifying the measures were asked to increase. The subway, metrobus and Marmaray stops were also included in the article.
According to the news of Elif Örnek from Sputnik, the Istanbul Security Directorate sent a warning letter on the date of 22 February 2016 with the signature of Ahmet Turanlı, Deputy Chief of Police in charge of the Intelligence Branch.
In the letter to be sent to all branches and district police directorates, 'The transit route across Istanbul, the transfer location, the crowded passenger waiting area and the gathering areas of the masses, most of the people pass through', some of the metro, metrobus and marmaray stops in two district squares with suicide bombers or bombs. vehicle attack may need to be confirmed with the notice of information received recorded.
In the statement, which was stated that the Department of Combating Cyber ​​Crimes received a notice on February 21, 2016, 10 stops that could be attacked and the names of two districts were mentioned.
In the warning letter, the necessary security measures (Fatih and Kadıköy township), the highest level was taken, the security measures were revised, no problems were encountered and information was given to the Anti-Terrorism Department.

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