He laid the foundation of the Bosphorus Bridge, Marmaray a century ago

He laid the foundations of the Bosphorus Bridge, Marmaray a century ago: The 34th sultan of the Ottoman Empire II. 98 years have passed since Abdulhamid's death. The actions of the 10th Islamic Caliph Abdulhamid, who passed away on February 113, and his projects that went beyond the limits of the time were discussed by many historians and experts.
Political debates aside, there is an issue that everyone agrees on; He is also II. Abdulhamid was a great reformer and a smart strategist. Education, health, transportation from the army's modernization, many aspects of modern Turkey's foundations were laid in this period.
In a period when the Ottoman Empire was behind the European countries both financially and technologically, while preventing significant land losses, it tried to prepare the society and the country to enter the new century stronger. The first girls' schools were opened during his term. Abdüllatif Suphi Pasha supported him by saying that he stood behind him when he had reservations about opening the first girls' art school on the grounds that I would get reaction.
During the period, the number of primary schools in Istanbul increased from 200 to 9 thousand. Modern hospitals were also established all over the country. Şişli Etfal Hospital, which is active today, was built in 4 by II. It was built by Abdulhamid.
He tried to serve the entire Ottoman Empire, regardless of geography or nation. The Hijaz Railway built between Damascus and Medina is among the best examples of this. II. Abdulhamit took care to meet this project with local resources. He even built a narrower railroad compared to the railways in Europe so that the line was always under the control of Ottoman technology. II. In addition to the projects that Abdülhamid realized, the projects that he could not realize are still up-to-date today.
Alternative channel to Suez!
II. Abdulhamid decided that an alternative to the Suez Canal should be created. According to the project, a lake was to be created by giving water to the depression area in the Gulf of Aqaba, located in Jordan today, by the Dead Sea. The 72-kilometer-long lake would connect the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean with canals. This project could not be realized. In 2005, the World Bank authorized 11 companies to issue feasibility reports, but due to political developments, no results were obtained.
Golden Horn Bridge Racked
II. Abdulhamid had the French architect Antoine Bouvard prepared a project to build a bridge to the Golden Horn. Yıldız Technical University Sultan II. Abdülhamid Application and Research Center published the following information about the project: “Bouvard's project offers a very modern look for Galata Bridge. The promenades along the coast emphasize the monumental dimensions of the building. Bouvard ended the bridge, which he designed with the sculptures and lighting elements on it, with two large towers, and made the entrance of the square monuments. Despite the progress made in the project, it was put on the shelf in 1909 when Sultan Abdülhamid was made. "

Planned Marmaray in the 19th century
October 29, 2013 Prime Minister of that period stands out as one of the most important projects carried out by the Republic of Turkey Marmaray opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The project to unite two continents under the Bosphorus was the first in II. It was created in the time of Abdulhamid. II. Abdulhamid had the project drawn by the French in 1892. The project called Tünel-i Bahri or Deniz Tunnel in today's Turkish was planned to be built between Üsküdar and Sirkeci like Marmaray, which is in service today. There is no exact information as to why this project was shelved at that time. However, it is estimated that a budget could not be allocated to this project, which requires advanced technology in a period of war.
The first drawings of the Bosphorus Bridge
The Sultan wanted to bring the two sides of the Bosphorus together. For this, he had the team of French and Ottoman engineers draw the first project. Sultan wanted to make Istanbul the most important stop of an uninterrupted rail network from Europe to Asia with the bridge. This was both commercially and strategically important. The bridge in question was to be built on the site of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge today and would be 600 meters long. Its thick walls would protect the feet of the bridges from enemy danger. The drawn project stood out with its aesthetics as well as its functionality. The domed towers placed on the bridge had traces of Islamic and Turkish architecture.




    1. After Abdülhamit, who was tried to be taught to us in schools, we got to know the Real Abdülhamit thanks to the dear Prof. İLBER ORTAYLI and historians like him who could tell the wrong things. If our beloved sultan goes like this before he becomes a sultan and sultan who overcome the fatigue and frustration of the empire for 200-300 years, he sees our end, and when he enters the throne, he takes up his sleeves for what should be done immediately. Ottoman world empire established itself instead picked up from the edge of the cliff, even if the Republic of Turkey 's will be laying the foundation for the world state. However, the revolution he created in accordance with his quintessential saying "every revolution eats its own children first" eliminates it first. But we owe our country to all civilian revolutionaries, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, to the schools that were opened as a result of the educational revolution made by our dear sultan. Although the generation you live in does not understand your value, we, the grandchildren who live 100 years later, know your value and understand what you want to do.
      Peace be upon you
      rest in peace