Bitliste with torch ski show

Torch ski show in Bitlis: After the ski competitions held in Bitlis, athletes performed a torch ski show.

After the skiing, alpine and snowbord competitions organized by Bitlis Governorate and Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, it organized a torch ski show.
The skiing of the athletes who climbed to the top of Erhan Onur Güler Ski Center with the torches in their hands became a playground / scene for the colorful scenes.

After the torch-skiing show, which was admired by the people who participated in the ski slope, local songs were taken along the ski tracks.

Bitlis Governor Ahmet Cinar, gift ceremony after the head of sausage bread to the skiers and citizens served sausage bread.

Bitlis, one of the most profitable areas in Turkey, indicating that Cinar, said that a year down the city up to 6 meters of snow.

Stating that young people are very interested in skiing due to the heavy snowfall, Çınar said: “Bitlis is at the top of the cities with the highest snowfall in this area. There is about 6 meters of snowfall per year. Accordingly, both our youth, our people and our children have a lot of interest in skiing, and we are happy about it. Today, we organized a jewelry contest in almost every category under the name of Provincial Cup. Prizes will be given to all winners. While we are gathered here on our way, we will be offering sausage bread with a picnic atmosphere in the snow. This geography, where it is necessary to do something good, is a very good geography. Everyone needs goodies here. We are trying to build something beautiful as the government, the people, the people, the youth and children. With the torch show here, we can be considered to have lit a torch in the dark. I would like to thank all participants, athletes, our people and our Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate ”.

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