City Card Description from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

Kocaeli Metropolitan City Kent Card Description: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, public opinion about the allegations about the use of illegal city cards made.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, media reports about the use of illegal city cards, made a statement about. The explanation is as follows: ial There are claims that some citizens have been given an illegal city card within the scope of Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. The situation was corrected as soon as the city cards issued to these persons were heard and noticed. There is no benefit to the public in the use of the city card, nor has any damage to the public. Kent
The cards are subject to the same color as the cards of the same color. In addition, the internal investigation was initiated and investigations are continuing. A citizen named Recep Duru, who applied to the Department of Transportation to get a free Gazi Card, was replaced with a free 65 free card free of charge instead of a free Gazi card. When the mistake was noticed, a citizen named Recep Duru, by calling and giving him a free card for the year 65 free of charge was given a free Gazi Card. Öznur Taşkıran, who works as a permanent teacher in the Ministry of National Education, applied to the head of the transportation department for a discount card. Taşkıran'a 1,6 TL teacher discount card instead of the 1,6 TL 60 age discount card has been printed by pressing. As soon as the error in the application was understood, the card was immediately closed to use and it was handed over by organizing a Teacher Discount Travel Card kart.



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