Bed Capacity of the Ilgazda Hotels will increase

The Bed Capacity of Ilgaz Hotels Will Increase: The bed capacity of the hotels on the Çankırı side of Ilgaz Mountain will be increased to 3 thousand within 2 years.

Ilgaz District Governor Muhammed Gürbüz, in his speech at the "Yıldıztepe and Doruk Tourism Centers Project and Investment Studies" meeting held in Doruk District, stated that the population of Ilgaz district has recently decreased and that the population can be increased by using the available potential.

Ilgaz Mountain Gurbuz, indicating that one of Turkey's most important tourism potential, "Jo has significant tourism potential. Ilgaz National Park and Yıldıztepe are important parts of this potential ”.

Pointing out that Ilgaz is in a different place in terms of season length, Gürbüz said, “Ilgaz is one of the centers where season length and snow quality is the best among the developing winter tourism and winter sports centers in our country. This is one of the places least affected by adverse weather conditions. Northern discipline, alpine discipline, snowboarding, sledding and biathlon are an important area that can be done together. With this feature, the region attracts the attention of holidaymakers ”.

"We will work to make the world brand of winter tourism in Ilgaz," said Gurbuz, "Turkey aspire to the 2026 Winter Olympics. This shows how urgent the investments are. It welcomes 14 million and more ski lovers in each of the 1 ski resorts in Austria. Now it has a total of 51 ski resort in Turkey. 2014 million people visited our country just for winter tourism in 4.8. This development is remarkable considering that it was 2.8 million in the previous year. “While 14 million ski lovers come in 20 ski resorts of France, our country has 4.8 visitors less”.

Emphasizing the need to remove the potential of the region in every sense Gurbuz, said:

“The potential of Yıldıztepe Ski Center and Doruk location should not be seen only as winter tourism. Additions such as congress tourism, adventure tourism and sports tourism should be added to this. When these are done, private sector investors may also be interested in the region. The fact that investors do not see the Yıldıztepe and Doruk tourism regions as sufficient for investment is an obstacle to the development of the region. We are planning to extend the chairlift in Yıldıztepe. We plan to start the chairlift in Yıldıztepe, which has a problem with acceleration, in front of the newly built hotel and extend it to the first available station. This will increase the number of tracks as well as increase their preference. The most preferred hotels in the world are the places where the ski lifts start in front of the hotel. We think that a chairlift between 12 and 15 million liras can be built in the closed system Yıldıztepe. "

Stating that they will change the face of the Doruk Region, Gürbüz said, “The old Doruk hotel will be demolished and a new hotel with a capacity of 500 beds will be built. It will be in a suitable structure where athletes and football teams can make summer camps. We are planning to build a new complex that will also appeal to adventure tourism. We think that our hotel in Yıldıztepe is very old, small and low in business quality, so we think that private sector supported hotels can be built with the build-operate-transfer method to increase our capacity.

- The bed capacity will increase -

Stating that the number of beds will increase to 2 thousand, Gürbüz said, “The number of beds available in Ilgaz is 540. With the hotel investments to be made, this number will be increased to 3 thousand in 2 years. With these investments, Ilgaz, which has increased its tourist attraction, will emerge. After these investments, even with an average occupancy rate of 60 percent, 43 million lira will be earned as accommodation income. "When we add football and congress tourism, these numbers will increase to much larger dimensions."

Speaking about the income to be obtained after the investments, Gürbüz said, “Only mechanical facilities will earn 3 million lira from ropeway, chair lift, walking band, 12 million from activities such as zipline, adventure track, panitball, mountain sled, snow tubing, free fall, bungee jumping. With the sports hall and football facility, this figure can rise to 20 million, ”he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:35

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